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Section One: Board of Education

1.1  Board Authority and Duties
1.1.3  Board Member Opportunities for Development

1.2  The Board of Education
1.2.1  Duties and Responsibilities
1.2.2  Code of Ethics for School Board Members
1.2.3  Board Member Conflict of Interest
1.2.4  Process for Addressing School Board Member Violations
1.2.5  Board Meetings
1.2.6  Board Meeting Agenda
1.2.7  Organization of the Board
1.2.8  Rules of Order
1.2.9  Voting Methods
1.2.10  Committees: Functions and Authority
1.2.11  Minutes of the Board
1.2.12  Board Member Elections
1.2.13  Removal from Office
1.2.14  Unexpired Term Fulfillment
1.2.15  Revision and/or Rescission of Policy
1.2.16  Dissemination and Preservation of Policies
1.2.17  Policy Review and Evaluation
1.2.18  Administration in Policy Absence
1.2.19  Administrative Procedures
1.2.20  Board Policies
1.2.21  Quorum
1.2.22  Board-Superintendent Relationship

1.3  Advisory Councils
1.3.1  Rules and Regulations
1.3.2  Activities - Guidelines

1.4  Procedures for Naming Schools and Facilities

1.5  Requests to Address the Board

1.6  Appeals to the Board of Education

1.7  Prohibition against Discrimination, Harassment including Sexual                            Harassment and Bullying

1.8  Role of Board Member in Handling Complaints

Section Two: School Organization

2.1  Central Administrative - Supervisory Staff Job Description

2.2  Job Descriptions and Responsibilities
2.2.1  Superintendent
2.2.2  DELETED 1/25/10 (Associate/Assistant Superintendent - Personnel and Pupil Personnel
2.2.3  DELETED 1/15/10 (Deputy Superintendent - Instruction)
2.2.4  Assistant Superintendent - Fiscal Affairs
2.2.5  Assistant Superintendent - Auxiliary Services
2.2.6  Consultants and Directors
2.2.7  Principals
2.2.8  Assistant Principals

2.3  DELETED 1/25/10 (Election of Administrative/Supervisory Staff and Principals)

2.4  DELETED 10/7/02

2.5  Davidson County Personnel Interested in Administrative/Supervisory                    Positions

2.6  Athletic Directors/Coaching Staff
2.6.1  Employment Procedures: Athletic Directors/Coaches
2.6.2  Job Description: Athletic Director
2.6.3  Reduction of Force: Athletic Directors/Coaches

2.7  School Calendar

Section Three: Business Services and Operations

3.1  Finance and Accounting
3.1.1  Planning and Adoption
3.1.2  Fiscal Management Standards
3.1.3  Financial Reporting
3.1.4  Annual Independent Audit
3.1.5  Bonding and Fidelity Bonds
3.1.6  Lost Checks and Warrants
3.1.7  Policy Relating to Vending Facilities Legislation
3.1.8  Budget Resolution
3.1.9  Grants and Funding for Special Projects
3.1.10  Gifts and Bequests
3.1.11  Penalties, Fines, and Forfeitures
3.1.12  Fixed Assets Inventory
3.1.13  Daily Deposits
3.1.14  Facsimile Signatures
3.1.15  Limited Claim Settlement
3.1.16  Individual School Accounts
3.1.17  School Finance Officer
3.1.18  School Treasurer
3.1.19  Federal Grant Administration

3.2  State Purchasing Requirements for Equipment, Materials, and Supplies
3.2.1  Goals of the Purchasing Function
3.2.2  Ethics and Purchasing Function
3.2.3  Organization of the Purchasing Function
3.2.4  Contracts with the Board
3.2.5  Pre-Audit Certification
3.2.6  Continuing Contracts
3.2.7  Local Purchasing Requirements for Equipment, Materials, and Supplies
3.2.8  Participation by Historically Underutilized Businesses
3.2.9  Vendor Lists
3.2.10  Bidder's Lists
3.2.11  Purchase of Services
3.2.12  Bidding for Construction Work
3.2.13  Participation by Women and Minority-Owned Businesses
3.2.14  Supervision of Construction Contracts

3.3  Investment (Deleted)

3.4  Food Services
3.4.1  School Cafeterias
3.4.2  Goals of School Nutrition Services
3.4.3  Organization of School Nutrition Services
3.4.4  Operation of the School Nutrition Services
3.4.5  Free and Reduced Price Meal Services
3.4.6  School Meal and Competitive Foods Standards

3.5  Omitted 12/5/94

3.6  Insurance

3.7  Operation and Maintenance of Plants
3.7.1  Care and Maintenance of Facilities
3.7.2  Classrooms
3.7.3  Care and Maintenance of Grounds and Outdoor Equipment
3.7.4  Pest Management
3.7.5  Community Use of Facilities
3.7.6  Rules Governing Use of Facilities
3.7.7  Classification of Facility Users
3.7.8  Security of Facilities
3.7.9  Injury and Loss Prevention

3.8  New Buildings and Sites
3.8.1  Request for Bids
3.8.2  School Site Acquisition
3.8.3  Checklist for Joint Ventures Between Booster Clubs and DC Board of Education
3.8.4  Planning to Address Facility Needs
3.8.5  Site Selection
3.8.6  Facility Design
3.8.7  Facility Construction
3.8.8  Use and Selection of Architects, Engineers, Surveyors and Construction Managers at Risk
3.8.9   Prequalification of Bidders for Construction Projects
3.8.10 Supervision of Construction Contracts

3.9  School Bus Transportation and Safety
3.9.1  Special Use of School Buses
3.9.2  School Bus Safety, Discipline, and Control
3.9.3  School Bus Driver Recruitment and Selection
3.9.4  Relieving a Driver of His/Her Job
3.9.5  Acts of Vandalism and Damage to Buses
3.9.6  Duties and Responsibilities of School Bus Passenger
3.9.7  School Bus Monitors
3.9.8  Guidelines for Principals, Teachers, and School Bus Drivers
3.9.9  School Bus Idling
3.9.10  Transportation Service/Vehicle Contracts
3.9.11  Parking Areas for Students
3.9.12  Insurance for Student Transportation Services

3.10  Travel Procedures

3.11  Conflict of Interest

3.12  Disposal of Surplus Property

3.13  (moved to 3.8.6)

3.14  (moved to 3.2.12)

3.15  Goals of Equipment, Materials, and Supplies Services
3.15.1  Use of Equipment, Materials, and Supplies
3.15.2  Personal Use of Equipment, Materials, and Supplies
3.15.3  Network Security
3.15.4  Hazardous Materials
3.15.5  Vandalism

Section Four: Personnel

4.1  Employment
4.1.1  Recruitment and Selection of Personnel
4.1.2  Job Descriptions
4.1.3  Workday and Overtime
4.1.4  Payroll Deductions
4.1.5  Permitted Salary Deductions for Absences and Discipline of Exempt Employees
4.1.6  Defense of Board Employees
4.1.7  School Administrator Contracts

4.2  Substitute Teachers

4.3  Qualifications of Personnel
4.3.1  Information Provided by Applicant or Personnel

4.4  Assignments, Reassignments, Transfers

4.5  Licensure

4.6  Counseling of Employees

4.7  Separation of Employment
4.7.1  Resignations
4.7.2  Retirements
4.7.3  Non-Career Status Teachers: Non-Renewal
4.7.4  Professional Employees: Demotion and Dismissal
4.7.5  Classified Personnel: Suspension and Dismissal
4.7.6  Reduction in Force: Teachers and School Administrators
4.7.7  Classified Personnel Reduction

4.8 Hearings (deleted)
4.9  Personnel Files
4.9.1  Petition for Removal Personnel Records

4.10  Employee Conflicts of Interest

4.11  Staff Responsibilities
4.11.1  Professional and Staff Development
4.11.2  Code of Ethics and Standards of Conduct
4.11.3  Staff-Student Relations
4.11.4  Faculty Meetings
4.11.5  Confidential Information
4.11.6  Employee Political Activities
4.11.7  Familiarity and Compliance with Policies, Rules, and Regulations
4.11.8  Exclusion of Certain Non-School Activities
4.11.9  Extracurricular and Non-Instructional Duties
4.11.10  Membership in Professional Organizations
4.11.11  Employee Health Certificate
4.11.12  Drug and Alcohol Testing of Commercial Motor Vehicle Operators

4.12  Leave
4.12.1  Voluntary Shared Leave
4.12.2  Absences Due to Inclement Weather
4.12.3  Family and Medical Leave
4.12.4  Military Leave
4.12.5  Sick Leave Bank

4.13  Employee Grievance Procedure

4.14  Student Teaching

4.15  Evaluation of Licensed Employees
4.15.1  Evaluation of Non-Licensed Employees

4.16  Tobacco Policy (Deleted September 21, 2007: See Policy 8.2 Davidson County Tobacco-Free School Policy)

4.17  Drug-Free and Alcohol-Free Workplace

4.18  Drug Testing

4.19  Prohibition Against Discrimination, Harassment, and Bullying
4.19.1  Discrimination, Harassment, and Bullying Complaint Procedure

4.20  Communicable Diseases - Employees

4.21  Reporting of Certain Acts Occurring on School Property to Law Enforcement
4.21.1  Child Abuse-Reports and Investigations

4.22  Child Involvement Leave (deleted-see policy 4.12 Leave)

4.23  Employee Assistance Program

4.24  Plans for Growth and Improvement of Licensed Employees

4.25  License Renewal (moved to 4.5(E)

4.26  Employee Dress and Appearance (deleted-see policy 4.11.2, Code of Ethics and Standards of Conduct)

4.27  School Improvement Plan

4.28  Personnel Internet Use

4.29  Prohibition Against Retaliation

4.30  Web Page Development

4.31  Occupational Exposure to Bloodborne Pathogens

4.32  Alternative Learning Programs/Schools

4.33  Occupational Exposure to Hazardous Chemicals in Science Laboratories

4.34  Safety Program and OSHA Regulations

4.35  Workers' Compensation and Return to Work/Transitional Duty Program

Section Five: (Combined into Four)

Section Six: Students

6.1  Student Admissions
6.1.1  Student Assignment and Student Residence Requirements
6.1.2  Homeless Students
6.1.3  Immunization and Health Requirements for School Admission

6.2  Age Requirements for Initial Entry

6.3  Tuition Fees (Deleted 4/4/11)

6.4  Attendance 

6.5  Student Promotion and Accountability 
6.5.1  High School Graduation Requirements

6.6  High School Exam Exemption

6.7  Deleted

6.8  Evaluation of Student Progress
6.8.1  Students at Risk of Academic Failure
6.8.2  Testing and Assessment Program
6.8.3  Recognizing Excellence
6.8.4  Differential Weighting of High School Courses
6.8.5  Class Rankings

6.9  Deleted

6.10  Student Behavior Policies
6.10.1  Authority of School Personnel
6.10.2  Rules for Use of Seclusion and Restraint in Schools
6.10.3  School Plan for Management of Student Behavior
6.10.4  Disciplinary Action for Exceptional Children/Students with Disabilities

6.11  Standards of Expected Student Behavior
6.11.1  Rules of Conduct and Consequences of Actions
   Rule 1:  Disruption of School
     Rule 2:  Damage or Destruction of School Property
   Rule 3:  Damage or Destruction of Private Property
   Rule 4:  Assaults, Threats, and Harassment
   Rule 5:  Weapons, Bomb Threats, Terrorist Threats, and Clear Threats to Safety
   Rule 6:  Narcotics, Alcoholic Beverages and Stimulant Drugs (Including Drug Paraphernalia) and other Prohibited Substances
   Rule 7:  Abuse or Distribution of Over-the-Counter Medications
   Rule 8:  Repeated School Violations
   Rule 9:  Student Tobacco Use Policy
   Rule 10: Integrity and Civility
   Rule 11: Suspensions from Athletic and Extra-Curricular Activities Upon Conviction of a Crime
   Rule 12: Gang-Related Activity
   Rule 13: Theft, Trespass, and Damage to Property
6.11.2  Procedures to be Followed for Suspensions and Expulsions of Students
6.11.3  Long-Term Suspension, 365-Day Suspension, Expulsion
6.11.4  Student Discipline Hearing Procedures
6.11.5  Student Discipline Records
6.11.6  Requests for Readmission of Students Suspended for 365 Days or Expelled

6.12  School Level Investigations
6.12.1  Student Searches
6.12.2  Behavior Standards for Transfer Students
6.12.3  Criminal Behavior

6.13  Student Sex Offenders

6.14  Student Records
6.14.1  Confidentiality of Personal Identifying Information
6.14.2  Surveys of Students

6.15  School Safety
6.15.1  Internet Safety
6.15.2  Student Insurance Program

6.16  Curriculum Development
6.16.1  Dual Enrollment
6.16.2  Online Instruction
6.16.3  Innovation in Curriculum and Instruction
6.16.4  Curriculum and Instructional Guides
6.16.5  Lesson Planning
6.16.6  Grouping for Instruction
6.16.7  Homework
6.16.8  Evaluation of Instructional Programs

6.17  Private Tutoring

6.18  Athletic Review Committee Policy

6.19  Lunch Period

6.20  Child Nutrition Services - Charge Policy

6.21  Release of Students from School

6.22  Deleted

6.23  Resolution Regarding Motor Vehicles and Mechanical Devices on Public School Property

6.24  Deleted

6.25  High School Examination Policy

6.26  Student Fees

6.27  Deleted

6.28  Child Abuse - Reporting and Investigations

6.29  Goals of Student Health Services
6.29.1  Organization of Student Health Services
6.29.2  Student Health Services
6.29.3  Administering Medicines to Students
6.29.4  Automated External Defibrillator
6.29.5  Concussion and Head Injury
6.29.6  Do Not Resuscitate (DNR) Orders and Medical Orders for Scope of Treatment (MOST) Student Health Care Plan

6.30  Middle School Athletic Penalty Code for Davidson County Schools

6.31  Deleted

6.32  Communicable Diseases - Students

6.33  Prohibition Against Discrimination, Harassment, and Bullying

6.34  Students with Special Needs
6.34.1  Religious-Based Exemptions from School Programs
6.34.2  Religion in the Schools
6.34.3  Special Education Programs/Rights of Students with Disabilities
6.34.4  Citizenship and Character Education

6.35  Procedure for Enrollment, Grading and Classification of Home School

6.36  Head Lice Control

6.37  Student Dress and Appearance

6.38  Discrimination, Harassment, and Bullying Complaint Procedure

6.39  Equal Educational Opportunities
6.39.1  Parental Involvement
6.39.2  Translating Policies for Students and Parents
6.39.3  Student and Parent Grievance Procedure
6.39.4  Nondiscrimination on the Basis of Disabilities
6.39.5  Education for Pregnant and Parenting Students

6.45 Fund Raising

6.46  Use of Wireless Communication Devices

6.47  Service Animals in Schools

6.48  Services and Activities to Support the Educational Program
6.48.1  Counseling Program
6.48.2  Student Voter Registrations

Section Seven: Instructional Services

7.1  Goals and Objectives of the Educational Program

7.2  Testing and Assessment Program

7.3  IHBA Special Education/Programs for Handicapped/Disabled/Exceptional Children

7.4  School Trips  

7.5  Selection of Supplementary Materials and Library Media Center Resources
7.5.1  Parental Inspection of an Objection to Instructional Materials

7.6  Acceptable Computer Use and Internet Safety
7.6.1  Technology in the Educational Program
7.6.2  Technology Responsible Use

7.7  Comprehensive Health Education Program

7.8  Title I Parent and Family Engagement
7.8.1  Title I Program Comparability of Services

7.9  PowerSchool and Workstation Acceptable Use Policy

7.10  Copyright Compliance

7.11  Student Wellness Policy

Section Eight: School Public Relations

8.1  School Public Relations
8.1.1  Schools and the Community
8.1.2  Parent Organizations
8.1.3  School Volunteers
8.1.4  Relationship with Law Enforcement
8.1.5  Participation in Research Projects

8.2 Smoking and Tobacco Products
8.2.1  Weapons and Explosives Prohibited

8.3  Distribution and Display of Non-School Material
8.3.1  Electronically Stored Information 
8.3.2  North Carolina Address Confidentiality Program
8.3.3  Advertising in Schools

8.4  Public Records - Retention, Release, and Disposition

8.5  Registered Sex Offenders

8.6  Visitors to the Schools