Student Restrictions

How can I place restrictions on my student's account to prevent them from getting certain items from the cafeteria?

There is little School Nutrition Services can do to restrict what a student chooses to pick up and place on their tray. Health code requirements do not allow a student to return unwrapped items once they have picked them up. There is not sufficient staff to accompany each child through the line, and by the time they get to the cashier, the student has already picked up what they want.

If you wish restrictions for financial or other reasons not covered by the food allergy policy, the best way to address the issue is by parental involvement and communication with the student.  Special notes on accounts are reserved for students requiring dietary modifications through a diet order or allergen statement signed by a licensed physician. 

For a small fee, the website can show the student's meal history with enough detail to indicate if extra items outside of a normal meal are purchased (such as cookies, desserts, snacks, extra helpings, etc). Using this resource as an educational tool, parents should be able to encourage their students to choose proper items at mealtime.