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I'm in Digital Communications and decided to look at the new photos while we are doing nothing!!! I am looking forward to this up coming MARCHING BAND season!! YYAAYY!!
It is an extreme honor to be a member of the Spartan Legion Marching Band.
I love being in the band at CDHS. And the marching band it the bomb! I can't wait till we start practicing our show this year! Yay band!!
YAY! its summer!! and i cant wait for the new sason to start.
its finally my senior year!!!! i cant wait for this year to start so i can see all my friends and enjoi my seniority! jk lol Smiley

hope everyone has a great summer....see you in august
Hey guys! I think that all of you are doing a wonderful job and to let you know that, all of you guys are bleesed with a wonderful band director. Congratulations on winning is Ashe County, and good luck at all county tri-outs. P .S. Mark Shell, good luck and miss paying in band with you!!! Former Spartan, Robert Beck
Greetings from a 1986 Central Davidson Band alumnus! Let me just say I'm very proud of you all and of Mr. D. He's taken Central's band to new heights. Let me also say that you can make something out of yourself musically. Listen to what Mr. D. has to say. Work hard and it will pay off!

If you know Blake McCraw, he is one of my former trumpet students and is a FINE musician! I was one of you guys many years ago and now I teach trumpet at Catawba College, and I teach jazz trumpet at UNC-G! I also play in the Salisbury Symphony and have toured and played with many national artists. just look at my webpage... www.jaymeachum.com

Good luck this year and God bless,

Jay Meachum
CDHS 1986
Oh how I've missed band.
Pretty sure it was the best experience in my high school years.
um just reading these thing thought it would be cool to leave my mark =]
The guestbook hasnt be written in for a while. it might be getting kinda lonely
Mr. D conducted our All-County Band this weekend. We had a great time and the music was really cool. Thanks for coming!
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