Laws of Learning: G-R-R-A-S-P

  Gradualness - Learn more efficiently if paced properly-not too fast, not too slow.  We all tend to cram to accomplish learning- emphasis is on taking it easy, gradualness

  Repetition - The more often you use the material the better it is learned and remembered.

  Reinforcement - Learning must be rewarding.  You must place a value on the learning of the material and reinforce your accomplishments.

  Active Learning - Be active, the more ways you can use the material, the better it will be remembered.  You can not be passive and learn.

  Stimulus Control -  Take control of the things and people around you to aid your learning.  The more closely the learning situation resembles the remembered situation the better you will remember.

  Practice (specific): - Use the material you are learning, exactly as you will use it later on when you have to remember it.

~Information Provided By: Kevin Firquin ~