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Below are some handouts that you can use to learn about or refresh your memory on different training that has been offered by the ITS staff. Most are in Acrobat Reader Format (PDF) so you will need to make sure you have the latest version of Acrobat Reader installed on your computer. There is a link below.  Some files are compressed and packaged into a ZIP file.  You will need either Stuffit Expander(MAC) or Winzip(PC). See your ETS to help you with your computer in your classroom.

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  Some of the handouts you find for Appleworks may show images and instructions from the 5.0 version.  They should be very similar if not the same as the 6.0 version that we use.  Feel free to ask questions if you have them. 


Keep checking back as we will frequently add handouts to this site.  

If we were not able to put handouts up under a category,
we have given links to site(s) that have downloads.
Check under a category even if it shows 0 documents. 


Database Handouts 

If there are no handouts available for Databases it may mean we did not have permission as of yet to put them on our site for download.  feel free to visit the sites below to find many handouts on Databases that you can download yourself.

Handouts to Download and How To Cards - From this site you can download handouts for tasks in Appleworks.  They are for Appleworks 5 but the steps are similar to our version.



Lesson and Activity Ideas
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Appleworks Ideas and Templates
Apple's Learning Interchange- lesson plans for AppleWorks
Apple's Learning Interchange - Templates

Templates and ideas for using AppleWorks in classroom by the Jordan School District.
K-2  Templates provided by the Shelby County School Disctrict in Tennessee
Lesson Ideas

More Tips and Templates

Creating Citations

Image and Multimedia Resources
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