Perspective Terms


Perspective:  the representation of three dimensional objects that are on a flat two dimensional surface


Atmospheric perspective:  a way of showing depth and distance in a painting by using fading colors and hazy details in distant objects


Background:  the part of an art work that is in the distance and appears behind the objects that are in the foreground


Foreground:  the part of the art work that appears to be in front nearest to the viewer


Horizon:  the level line where water or land seem to end and the sky begins


Landscape:  a picture of natural outdoor scenery such as

mountains, rivers and fields


Linear Perspective:  showing depth and distance in a picture

with converging lines


Overlapping:  one shape or part of a shape covering up one part of another shape


Vanishing Point:  an imaginary point in which parallel lines

seemingly converge on a horizon line and represent the level

of the viewer’s eyes


Converge:  to come together at a single point.  Parallel horizontal lines appear to converge in a painting




Distance:  the 3-d, front to back or near to far objects shown in a 2-d painting by using techniques of perspective


Viewpoint:  the position or place from which an artist views the subject to be represented





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