Instructional Resources

The files found below have been composed with the primary purpose of providing supplemental, instructional resources which are designed to engage learners.  While one could easily become overwhelmed, I encourage you to take the time to browse through the folders.  Regardless of the curricula, these resources are designed to advance student learning.  Moreover, by utilizing such resources, one will not only increase student achievement, but acquire the skill of developing rigorous lessons with ease.  

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pdf File Best_Practices_in_Reading.pdf
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60.40 Kb 01/12/10
doc File Independent_Reading_Rubric.doc
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32.00 Kb 01/08/10
pdf File Instructional_Strategies_that_Work.pdf
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43.51 Kb 01/08/10
pdf File Literacy_Circle_Roles.pdf
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90.41 Kb 01/12/10
doc File Literary_Term_cards..doc
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66.50 Kb 02/04/10
doc File Memory_game_literary_terms.doc
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70.50 Kb 02/04/10
pdf File Reading_Conferencing_Cards.pdf
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12.82 Kb 01/08/10
pdf File Reading_Strategies.pdf
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63.93 Kb 01/12/10
pdf File Reading_Vocabulary_Card_Backs.pdf
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56.07 Kb 01/08/10
pdf File Reading_Vocabulary_Card_Fronts.pdf
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65.98 Kb 01/08/10
pdf File Six_Types_of_Context_Clues.pdf
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23.05 Kb 01/08/10