On February 10, 2012 English III and IV teachers from across Davidson County came together to deepen their understanding of the Common Core English Language Arts Standards. Working in school-based and same-interest teams, they focused their time on a current issue in ELA and produced the following documents. 

Option #1: Adding Informational Text

Creat a list of units you currently teach in English III or IV. Locate informational text to accompany these units.

Option #2: Text List for English IV

Review the Common Core ELA literature alignment (found on crosswalks page 2). Create a list of texs currently taught in English IV. Locate potential texts to incorporate next year. Include which units they best match if possible.

Option #3: US Literature for English IV

Refer to the crosswalks for English IV. Create a list of US literature "influenced by European thought or action." Develop a list of western European texts which woul pair well with these pieces of literature.

Option #4: US Documents

Refer to the crosswalks for ELA. Create a list of documents that are "foundational," "influential," and "important," for English I-IV.


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