Civics and Economics Draft Units

Click below to access the first final drafts of instructional guides for the new North Carolina Essential Standards for Civics and Economics. These draft guides were created by the Davidson County Civics and Economics team members and were completed May 8, 2012. As the NC ES are taught and assessed, revisions and additions will be made to these "living" documents in the 2012-2013 school year.

*While the instructional guides contain almost all possible examples of content to be taught in each unit, it is understood that the NC Essential Standards are to be taught and assessed conceptually; therefore, every example and fact set need not be used in instruction.

**Please refer to the Civics and Economics Unpacking documents found at to access these.

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Revised Civics and Economics Units

(Revised December 2012)

Click below to access the draft units which were revised targeting the generalizations ("Students will understand...," conceptual lenses, and standards) with tracked changes. You will also find the revised versions with a "Second Draft" watermark for review.