2013-2014 English Honors/AP Summer Reading Selections


In preparation for next school year, students signed up to take an Honors or Advanced Placement English class are required to read a work specifically selected for their course.  The summer reading assignments, by grade level, are as follows:





Selected Work



Rising 9th Graders

English I Honors

Fahrenheit 451

Ray Bradbury


Rising 10th  Graders

English II Honors



John Hersey


Rising 11th Graders

English III Honors/AP*

A Girl and Five Brave** Horses

Sonora Carver



Rising 12th Graders

English IV Honors/AP

Pride and Prejudice

Jane Austen


Remember that reading this book is only one component of the summer reading.  On the second day of classes, August 28, 2013, ALL students will be given a prompt to which they must respond in essay form.  Students enrolled in fall semester English courses will be given a prompt in class; however, students enrolled in spring semester English courses will be given a prompt after school on August 28, 2013 (students staying after school must arrange transportation AND inform coaches, employers, etc. of this pre-existing obligation-you are allotted 90 minutes to complete this essay).  Students who do not submit an essay will receive a zero for this assignment; this essay counts as a test grade. 


Helpful Hints:

 A thorough understanding of the novel is necessary in order to score well on the essay; therefore, remember that while reading your assigned book, if you purchased it, that we highly recommend annotating the text (i.e. write notes, observations, connections . . . in the margins; dog-ear important pages; etc.).  If you do not purchase the text, consider using Post-It/Sticky notes to make comments throughout the work while you read and compile these notes to bring with you to use on the essay.  Ultimately, you are to have a thorough understanding of your assigned work including: story elements (plot, setting, character development, theme, point of view), genre, background/historical context, etc.  Know that you MUST use multiple evidences from the text to support your analysis in order to receive full credit.  You will also be expected to show evidence of your planning in addition to a well-developed introduction and conclusion.  A rubric was given to you on the back of the form that you received at the end of the 2012-13 school year. 


Pandora's Books in Lexington will be stocking these books in order to accommodate parents/guardians who choose to purchase these locally.


English III AP students must meet with Mrs. Wood to discuss their summer reading and additional resource requirement. 


Any questions or concerns regarding this should be directed toward Mrs. Wood: kwood@davidson.k12.nc.us


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