Syllabus for Art III  Intermediate and Proficient

In Art III Intermediate and Proficient students will continue studying the life, artistic style, and works of famous artists.  Students will work in the style of the artist that we are currently studying.  Students will also have the opportunity to work in their style of choice at various times during the semester.  The class may work on special projects for the community and the school.


 1.  Georgia O'Keeffe- close up pictures of


 2.  Keith Haring- symbol art

 3.  Frank Stella- abstract art

 4.  Vinceint Van Gogh- landscapes

 5.  Pablo Picasso- Cubism


The following activities will invole studying various famous artists:

 6.  Portrait

 7.  Scratch art

 8.  Junk art aculptures

 9.  Duplicate art

10.  Pop art

11.  Caricatures

12.  Mosaic work


To receive the honors weight for Advanced Art, students must study the following:

*Elements of art and principles of design

*Art history


*Figure drawing

*Still Life

*10 gallery visits and papers

*3 piece mini portfolio

- Artist statment to create 3 themed pieces of work (2 pages)

- 3 pieces of work created

- Reflective statement of art (1 page)

*2 research papers based on in class art

- Mimic artist, research, explain (3 pages)