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Learn About the SAT
The SAT is the most popular standardized test used for admission into colleges and universities in the United States. First started in 1941 as the Scholastic Aptitude Test as an IQ test, the SAT Reasoning Test of today has earned a place in every college going student's life. Oddly enough SAT no longer stands for anything; rather than deal with controversial acronyms, the College Board sidesteps the issue by not having SAT actually be an acronym.
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SAT Online Demo
If you want to test your SAT knowledge, or just familiarize yourself with the SAT, try our Online Course Demo. You'll get a free SAT lesson and a full-length SAT practice test.

Your SAT score is a critical part of the admissions process and it's important to be sure it helps you get into college, rather than hurting your chances of acceptance to your top-choice school. This demo can help by giving you a sense of where you stand with the SAT. Plus, after completing the demo, you can review test prep information and other SAT tips that can help you maximize your score.

The SAT Online Course Demo Includes:

A full-length SAT practice test
An interactive lesson introducing you to the SAT
College Board's Site to Register to take the SAT Test.
SAT Study Guide: Interactive Study Aids For SAT Math
The following free online SAT study guides are designed to help you with your SAT Math test prep. For questions or comments on these study guides please use the SAT forum. For review, a full length Math Practice test is included with this guide.
SAT Test Structure
The new version of the SAT test (introduced in March 2005) is three hours and forty-five minutes in length. You will see the following sections on test day (but not necessarily in the order they are listed in here):
Test Prep Review/SAT Practice
Word of the Day
Use the "Word of the Day" that is provided free on the College Board web site.