The following websites can be used for Earth/ Environmental Science Classes:

Air Masses scaffolding activity
Use this site to complete Air Masses lesson.
Alternative Energy
Use this site for energy matrix assignment
Alternative Energy Part 2
this second site will further help you with understanding alternative energy
alternative energy part 3
more resources
Aquifer vitural field trip Use this for H2O Diary Essay Ideas
Astronomy detectives
Discover how massive stars are formed.
Barrier Islands
Use this link to understand North Carolina's Barrier Islands (Outer Banks).
Barrier Islands part I
Use this link to complete the questions.
BBC geologic time scale
Carbon Footprint Calculator
Use this site to find your households carbon footprint.
Carbon footprint part 2
Another carbon footprint calculator.
Check out the vizualizations from this supplemental texbook online.
Climate Change: A Student's Guide
Discovery Science find a current event!
Use this site to locate a current event for classroom project.
Earth Science FlexBook
An alternate textbook
Electromagnetic Spectrum
Use this link for classroom activity.
Erosion and Weathering
this link also provides a link to many resources on the National Science Digital Library
Fossil halls American Museum of Natural History
geologic time machine
Geologic time scale interactive
Chicago Field Museum time scale interactive site.
Geology animations from University of Kentucky
Use this site to illustrate many of the geologic processes on our planet.
Use Science buddies to choose your honors investigation idea.
Use this site to help you complete lab report FOR HONORS INVESTIGATION.
Hurricanes on Sandy Shores: Internet Fieldtrip
Use this site to complete questions.
Interactive tutor
This site will help review concepts. It is not our book, but you can select the topic you need help with.
List of famous volcanoes
Use this list to complete volcano day chart.
Mass Extinction
Use this site for class assignment on extinction.
North Carolina Geologic History
Pearson SuccessNet
Student edition online textbook: Prentice Hall Earth Science Students must have access codes given out in class to logon after they have created a logon name and password. Students can read their textbooks, complete homework, etc.
Online textbook! Use this online tool to review, take quizes view powerpoints of chapters. Good tool to use if you missed classtime.
recycle city
Students can explore a city to see where recycling is working.
Review games for Earth Science
This site provides links to earth science review games. There are different topics that will help you review earth science concepts.
Shape It Up
Use this site for understanding erosion and weathering.
This Dynamic Planet
Interactive map that illustrates the boundaries of tectonic plates
University of Kentucky Geology Animations
Use this site to review geology concepts.
USGS Earhquake Information
Site for earthquake data assignment
USGS LandsatLook Viewer
Use this site for class room activity.
USGS Photoglossary of terms
Videos Science 360
Science related video clips to review concepts or search topics for research.
Volcano List plus maps and images
this second listing shows the place on earth where each volcano is located.
Volcano World
See video of Iceland's recent eruption of 2010.
Water Cycle
NOAA website to review water cycle.
Weather Glossary
Use this site to complete your vocabulary
Weathering & Erosion Jeopardy
Use this site to review for the MSL.