Syllabus for Art

Art I Beginning

In this class students learn basic drawing techniques, painting techniques and other basic art skills.

1. Collage- creativity workshop

2. Elements of Art-advertisement/poster

3. Still life study

  a. proportions

  b. shading 

  c. right and left brain study

4. Portrait study

a. proportions

b. features

c. shading of the face

5. Human figure drawing

6. Basic painting

a. mixing colors

b. painting skills

7. Henri Matisse and his painting style

8. Watercolor study- landscapes

9. Mask making

a. wheat paste masks

b. painting with acrylic paint

10. Pastel study

a. oil pastels

b. powder pastels

c. mural- group work

11. Geometric Art

12. Paper Weaving

13. Perspective Study

a. 1-point perspective

b. 2-point perspective

14. Cartooning

a. Charles Schultz study

b. Drawing Cartoons

15. T-shirt Painting