Friedberg Falcon

Our Vision
Mission Statement

Friedberg Falcons S.O.A.R.
Success. Opportunity. Achievement. Respect.

Our mission is to provide an orderly, safe, and caring academic environment in which all stakeholders are treated with respect, empowered, and inspired to reach their full potential.
Our vision is to help students achieve high academic success with the purpose of becoming future graduates, providing opportunities for personal growth, and preparing respectful world citizens.

Our vision:
Successes are measured by teacher standards, grades 3-5 End of Grade Tests, grades K-2 End of Grade Profiles, 4th grade State Writing Test, Quarterly benchmark tests, and teacher observation of class successes.

Opportunities are provided for individual student success through the use of multiple teaching strategies (including hands-on activities), use of graphic organizers, small group instruction, after-school tutoring, and individual attention.

Opportunities are provided during the school day and afterwards to promote personal growth.

  •   Morning FESN television news crew
  •   Flag Crew
  •   Student Council
  •   Plantateers Junior Garden Club
  •   Chorus
  •   Tutoring
  •   Classroom Helpers (line leaders, table cleaners, etc.)

Students and staff are recognized for high levels of academic, artistic, and professional skills.

  •   Honor Roll
  •   Spelling Bee
  •   Superintendent's Art Choice Awards
  •   DARE Essay Winner
  •   DARE Graduation
  •   Teacher of the Year
  •   Teacher Assistant of the Year 

Teachers and staff model and set expectation of respectful behavior for the school.  School and classroom rules reflect standards that are expected for courteous behavior.

  •   Parent Handbook
  •   Student Planner
  •   Classroom Rules
  •   Class Consequences
  •   Character Education
  •   Guidance Counselor