The following links are student friendly resources to use in your classrooms or in the computer lab.

*You can also search the many resources I have bookmarked on my Diigo acount at

Research Tools 
NetTrekker (search engine of school reviewed sites)
(you will need the username & password if you are not at school) 
OneKey (google for kids)
Ask for Kids (used to be Ask Jeeves)

All Content Areas:
Mr Nussbaum (lots of interactive games across the curriculum)

Internet4Classrooms (Activities to use in the computer lab or at computer centers - organized by grade level and topic)
NC Wise Owl (The Elementary Zone)
Apples 4 Teachers (learning games, books, quizes, online activities, worksheet generator tools, & ideas by subject)
Mrs. Alline's Directory of Educational Resources on the Web
Teachers First (Resources by Subject & Grade)
Arcademic Games (addition, subtraction, multiplication, antonyms/synonyms/homophones, speech types, verbs)

Owl & Mouse Educational Software (some online resources and lots of free downloads--reading help, map puzzles, phonics, learning letter etc.)

Gamequarium (a variety or games for all subjects)
Kid Info (homework & student/parent/teacher resources)
Brain Pop Jr. *Short online movies to teach kids about various topics (ex. Plant life cycle, nonfiction text, measurement) with games & other activities to do after watching a movie clip (word wall, write about it, etc.)
*This is a paid site but it has some topics for free

Brain Pop (original site---designed for older kids)
*This is a paid site but it has some topics for free (ex. Homonyms,Synonyms,Anytonyms or nouns or multiplication)
Scholastic Online Activities
Kids Gov
Thinkquest ( websites that teach --created by kids)


Interactive Sites


Websites for Younger Kids:
Fishy Count Game- You count the fish and click the correct number on a shell
**It helps the kid recount if they're wrong

Online Clock activity
telling time to the nearest 5 minutes

Online Even/Odd Storybook
uses to ladybugs to teach about odd & even

Online Shape Storybook-
Sammy the snake teaches/reviews shapes
Literacy Center- numbers, colors, letters, shapes, writing, words
(English, Spanish, German, & French)

Count Us In ( Basic Number Concepts
*currently not working with flash player 10 in Firefox or Safari
(you can download the games and play them from the computer)
BBC Schools- online activities

Clifford interactive storybooks
Between the Lions - Word Games

Between the Lions - Stories

Create a Graph (Use simple to follow templates to create many different kinds of graphs.)

Create a Graph Classic
(simplified version of the site above)

Interactive Math (interactive math activities 3-8)
National Library of Virtual Manipulatives (by grade level & math topic)
Count Us In (games for basic number concepts)
*currently not working with flash player 10 in Firefox or Safari
(you can download the games and play them from the computer)
Oswego City School District Online Math Games
  Shodor Interactive Math Activities
Soft Schools (You can click on your grade at the top for a grade specific list.) 
  Kids Numbers
AAA Math (Pages are very busy--may be too much for some kids) (lessons & ideas, activities, resources, worksheets,games)
The Table Trees (multiplication tables practice-practice each fact family)

Multiplication Math-O (mixed multiplication facts practice) 
Basketball Math Interactive
Fact Monstor Flashcards
Math Fact Café (worksheets and flashcards) 
Math Playground (games, manipulatives, short videos) 

 Class Brain Math Games (regrouping) (sample problems to solve online & clickable pdfs to download)
*More Info.-- 

Glencoe-Virtual Manipulative 

Bank Jr.  (teaches about all aspects money& has online quizes)   



Reading/Writing/Language Arts:
Read/Write/Think (online templates for graphic organizers,trading cards, biocubes, book covers, etc.)
Magic Keys (books to read online -some books have click to listen available / some coloring pages, puzzles and games also available)

Book Adventure (a reading motivation site created by Sylvan Learning Center- teachers create their class & kids can take quizzes on books to earn points)

Starfall (learn to read- phonics stories & activities, books read to you, downloads & reading materials to order cheaply)
Enchanted Learning Picture Dictionary (some words have links to more info. or activities for the word--also has dictionary searches for grades 3-8 by subject)
Author's and Illustrators on the Web
Harry Potter-Activities to go along with the most recent book

 Storyline Online  (books are read to the kids by actors/actresses from the Screen Actors Guild…has activity ideas and downloadable activity guide)

BBC Words and Pictures: Phonics (Phonics-spelling patterns, consonant slusters, high frequency words, etc.)

Clifford Interactive Storybooks: Phonics Fun (interactive storybooks and games for phonics practice)

Reading Games (phonics and site word games, posters, spelling strategies)

Kids Lab- Reading workout   

Citation Machine (type in your bibliography information and it formats it for you) 


Big Universe- Children's Books Online
(can't print stories the kids create without the payed account---but you can share them for others to come on the site and read)

Woodlands Junior School - Grammar and Punctuation

Kerpoof- Make a sortybook
*more info.--

Sr. Seuss Story Maker
*more info.-- 


Scholastic-Character Scrapbook
*more info.-- 

Wacky Web Tales (similar to Mad-Libs) 

Into the Book

Kids Spell   
(play the games choosing one of their spelling list or typing in your own spelling words)
Spin and Spell
(choose a category and spell the word for each picture in that category)  



Science Wizards (demonstrations & simple experiments) 

Science-Ask an Expert 

Bill Nye the Science Guy 

Science World - Scientist Biographies 

Exploratorium-The Museum of Science, Arts, & Human Perception 
  *Online Activities 
*Online Exhibitions 

Invention Dimension- American Inventors & their discoveries 

Frank Potter's Science Gems
 (More than 14,000 Science Resources sorted by Category, Subcategory, and Grade Level
Search Query) 

Science Net (Database of Science Sites for kids)
Tramline- Virtual Science Field Trips 

Try Science 
Time for Kids- Teachers
Celestia (free download--space simulation)

  Social Studies
Admongo (game & curriculum about advertising-for 5th/6th grade)

 Scribble Maps (draw on Google Maps)



Switcheroo Zoo-  (Play online to create your own zoo animals by switching heads, legs, and tails while learning facts about the animals. Then, create titles and stories to go with the animal you created and print it all out.)

Create Your Own Adventure  (Use fun templates to insert your word choices and see what adventure you can create)