Tutoring Schedule

I am very flexible with my tutoring schedule.  Wednesdays are for Advisory time and that time will be alloted for making up work and extra study time. Hopefully this will be a help to some of the people who do not type as fast as others.

However, if someone needs to stay after school to take a test or spend additional time on the computer to get caught up with assignments, then I can stay Monday through Thursday until 4:00 PM with prior approval.   There will be many days that I can stay the day I'm asked, but if that day is not going to work, then I will work out a time with the student that works for both of us.

However, if a student has wasted time in my class which results in their being behind on assignments, I will be less willing to give up my free time because they did not use the time wisely that I gave them. I will make that judgment on an individual basis as they happen!

If students have a computer at home and would like to work on assignments there, they only need to check with me and I will make copies of the assignments available for them to take home. They can save to disk, pen drive, print, or email them to me - whatever works best for them!

I am more than willing to work with students to help them - all they have to do is ask!