Have a carpet large enough for everyone to sit with an assigned partner (A,B)

- Arrange your room so students are in groups (this is needed for conferencing purposes and sharing materials)

-  Have baskets made up for each group (containing pencils, colored pencils, highlighters, tape, scissors, date stamps)SchoolCenter Picture

- Create an area where writing materials and baskets can easily be stored and accessible to students

-  Anchor charts on your walls as you make them

-  Have writing folders with students' names on them to house writing resources, rough drafts, and final copies 

-  Make sure you have ABC Charts and Word Wall available for student use, as well as individual portable word walls

-  Request or provide for each student a composition notebook to develop into a writer's notebook

-  Decide how you will record informal student data, such as conferences and anecdotal notes

-  Introduce parents to your writing program through newsletters, parent night, etc.

-  Establish "writing territories" (place where children write independently)

-  Decide on writing environment (lights dim, soft music)

Decide on transition procedures (song to go to the carpet, etc)

Anchor Charts

Anchor charts are tools for students to use during Writing Workshop and aid children in remembering procedures and expectations.  Charts should be made with the children and added to throughout the year.  Teachers may remove when no longer needed. Anchor charts need to be posted in the classroom where they are easily accessible to students.

SchoolCenter Picture
This is an example of an anchor chart used to teach children how to write a small moment story.

Examples of Anchor Charts for Launching

What Writers Do When They Think They Are Done
-  They reread their piece
-  They add words
-  They fix confusing parts
-  They start a new pieceSchoolCenter Picture

What We Do During Independent Writing Time
-  Stay in our writing spots
-  Think, picture in our mind, WRITE
-  Respect other writers ("sh-h-h!")

Getting Help During Writing Workshop
-  Use the classroom anchor charts
-  Ues the word wall
-  Use mentor author books

-  Ask a neighbor
-  Give yourself a moment to think


SchoolCenter Picture 

Post anchor charts from minilessons so they are easily accessible to children in order to serve as a resource for their writing.


Writing Workshop Format:

1.  Gather on the carpet (2 minutes)
SchoolCenter Picture
2.  Mini lesson (7-10 minutes)

3.  Write (25-35 minutes)

4.  Confer (while students write, one-on-one or small group)

5.  Share (3-5 minutes)