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Merriam-Webster Daily Buzzword

National Inventors Month Alphabetical List of Inventors

Enchanted Learning- Zoom Inventors and Inventions

Invention at Play

The National Inventors Hall of Fame

Museum of Ancient Inventions

How Stuff Works

Inventor of the Week

PBS: Forgotten Inventors

The Greatest Inventors and Inventions- (ThinkQuest website created by kids)

Hurricane Season

National Weather Service- Hurricane 2007 Season

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Fema for Kids Hurricane Page

Hurricanes- Online Meteorology Guide

Labor Day 

History of Labor Day

The Origins of Labor Day

America's Story- The Very First Labor Day

Hispanic Heritage Month (Sept.)

Scholastic- Celebrate Hispanic Heritage

Fact Monster- Hispanic Heritage Month

History Channel - Hispanic Heritage Month

Mexico for Kids


The Miracle of Fall

The Pumpkin Farm Fun and Games

Why Do Leaves Change Color in the Fall?

Insect Weblesson

All Kinds of Scarecrow Ideas

The Great Plant Escape

September 11

PBS- America Responds

PBS- Lesson Plans

FEMA- Remembrance Photo Gallery

FEMA for Kids- (Everything from preparing for an emergency to connecting with other kids)

September 11th News

CNN- Chronology of Terror (Sept. 11 Timeline)

Johnny Appleseed's Birthday - Sept. 26

Apples & More (all about apples)

The Story of Johnny Appleseed (by kids)

Johnny Appleseed in Vermont

Apples!  Apples!  (A Webquest to learn about the different kinds of apples & Johnny Appleseed)

ACTIVboard flipchart- Johnny Appleseed and Apples