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The In-School Prevention of Obesity and Disease (ISPOD)

Christmas Traditions

Paws in Jobland

Internet Safety

Discovery Streaming 

Free Rice Learning Activity
For each answer you get right, 20 grains of rice is donated through the UN World Food Program to help end hunger. 

Writing Assessment System  

Writing Assessment System 


Resource Sites

Best Practices in Media and Technology
We have taken ideas that teachers across our district have implemented in their classroom and are sharing them with everyone.  We have 4 main sections right now.  PBL Units, Computer Skills Lesson Ideas, Integrating Technology in your Classroom and Featured Classroom Websites.  There is not a tremendous amount there right now but enough to get you started.  We plan to continue gathering teacher's ideas and posting them. This will be an ongoing thing so we can continue building a big library of resources for you so please keep visiting.


Good Search Engines for Kids 

Goggles' Safe search engine for kids is Onekey  
Resources for teaching Kids about searching
Using the Web - Searching the Web

How can you search the Internet?

Four NETS for Better Searching

KidsClick! Worlds of Web Searching

I Know That (Great Website!)

Storyline Online
*Books are read to the kids by actors/actresses from the Screen Actors Guild…has activity ideas and downloadable activity guide

Brain Pop Jr.
*Short online movies to teach kids about various topics (ex. Plant life cycle, nonfiction text, measurement) with games & other activities to do after watching a movie clip (word wall, write about it, etc.)

Brain Pop (original site---designed for older kids)
*This is a paid site but it has some topics for free (ex. Homonyms,Synonyms,Anytonyms or nouns or multiplication)

Clip Art


SchoolCenter Picture

Kids Know It Network



Games, manipulatives, and short videos

Internet 4 Classrooms: Pick Grade--pick subject

National Library of Virtual Manipulatives

Hundreds Board with Placeable counters

Hundreds Board with Splat Squares

Create A Graph

Shodor Interactive Math Activities

Basketball Math Interactive

Math baseball

King's List of Online Math Activities

Oswego School District's Interactive Math Games
--Create your own game or use one that's already created

Teacher's First Resources

Cool Math

Math Flashcards

math Fact Cafe--worksheets, flashcards

For Younger Kids--Number & Time

For Younger Kids--Basic Number Concepts

NC Experimental Section Review System