Art II Intermediate


In this class we continue our study of art techniques. Students also learn about art history. With each art style learned the student becomes the artist of that time period.

1. Early Western Art

a. Prehistoric Art

b. Egyptian Art

c. Greek Art

  d. Roman Art

2. Relief Sculpture

3. Religious Art

a. Byzantine Art

b. Christian Art

c. Islamic Art

d. Medieval Art

4. Renaissance Art

a. Early Renaissance Art

b. Leonardo DI Vinci

c. Michelangelo

d. Mannerism

5. Portrait Study

a. Color pencil and shading study

b. Fan portraits

6. Acrylic Painting

a. Shading practice- making it look 3-d

b. Still life painting

7. Oil Painting

a. Shading practice- still lifes

b. Knot paintings

c. Items painting

8. Mask Making

9. Pop Art Study

a. Famous Pop artists

b. Pop Art activity

10. M.C. Escher Study

  a. Escher's life

  b. Escher project

11. Surrealism Study

a. Dali and Magritte

b. Surrealism artwork

12. Stamp Making