BMS Technology Days

Ideas for the 6th & 7th Grade Technology Days
Not using a computer 
Using the Vocabulary words found on the 6th Grade or 7th Grade Pacing Guide create flash card games. Students can create their own or you can run them off of NCWiseOwl then let students cut them out  and glue them to index cards or construction paper.
Using the vocabulary words found on the 6th Grade or 7th Grade Pacing Guide play a Computer Bingo game where teachers call out the definitions and students mark the words on their Bingo Card. To get the Bingo Card click here then download Computer Bingo.
Using a computer and a projector 
Using the vocabulary words found on the 6th Grade or 7th Grade Pacing Guide create a Jeopardy Board.  You can use Power Point or you can use  your Expo Board to create the board.  
Using the website "How Technology Has Changed.." teachers can walk students through a home and how it has changed in the last century. Using the website and a Venn Diagram students can compare and contrast the changes or just list out the differences and new technologies.
Using the website "CyberEthics for Kids" teachers can walk students through different Societal and Ethical situations that students might face while using the Internet, Email, or completing schoolwork. It is set up as a scenerio then gives students the opportunity to answer a, b, or c with feedback for each answer.
Using the website resources from walk students through a detective's look at Virus' and Vandalism.
Students will have the opportunity to research how hackers can disrupt computer networks and stand alone computers.  Teachers can use one  projector and computer as long as they have internet access.
6th Grade -  Using the Mobile Lab

This can be a cross curriculum activity.  Students can start the research in social studies then finish in language arts class.  Begin the class by asking the essential question:  "Which European country is most like the United States?"  Allow students to investigate using the Culturegrams website the European countries. As students find similarities between the different countries have them record their findings.  After they have set up the criteria then take it further by having students type up a paragraph answering the question or have them draw an original graph or representation of their findings.

7th Grade - Using the Computer Lab 

Using the NCDesk activities "Candy Shopping Spree" and "Food Order" walk through the different parts of a Spreadsheet and answer the question of "What if...".  Remember that is the purpose of a Spreadsheet.

Using the NCDesk activities "South America" or "British Isles" have students manipulate the information in a Database. Be sure to explain the advantages and disadvantages of using an electronic database.

Using the NCDesk application for Email have students write an email to a friend explaining netiiquette for email. Use the document Email Netiquette by clicking here.  You can not print an NCDesk document, but you can take a "picture" then print it.  Have the students address it to, from:, and the RE:Email Netiquette. The program does not send the email anywhere but a message will say that it has.