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2nd Grade Supply List 


Please have these by Wednesday, August 22 for Meet the Teacher night. Please bring these supplies with you that day.


Pencils, block and cap erasers (buy extra) **
8 glue sticks **
Crayons - 16 pack (2 packs)
1 zipper pouch

1" Notebook

Pocket tab dividers (6-8 pack) (Plastic will last longer)

4 Wireless (marble front) one subject notebooks (6 different colors if possible)
5 pocket folders (without brads)  green, red, blue, yellow, (orange or purple)
2 Family size tissue boxes
Headphones for Computer Lab use
1 pack of wide rule loose leaf paper
2 package of copy paper
Expo Markers (4 pack) with eraser (dry eraser) **
Quart size ziploc bags
Large bottle of Anti-bacteria soft soap

** Some items will be collected and passed out as needed through out the year.

Individual teachers may have special supply request at the beginning of the school year in addition to the above supplies.



  Thank you!

  Second GradeTeachers

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