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5th Grade Supply List 
-One "2 inch" 3 ring binder (with calear view front pocket)
-Three "1 inch" 3 ring binders (with a clear view front pocket)
-1 Marble (no wired on end) notebook
-10 dividers WITH tabs and pockets please!
-Lots of Notebook Paper! Will need for all binders
-Pencils, erasers, pencil pouch, colored pencils/crayons,
glue sticks and scissors
-Headphones and Flash Drive (Please put these in a Gallon size baggy with you child's name on it). They will be returned at the end of the year. These can be from last year.
-Sticky Notes
-Girls: 1 pack of Colored Paper (any color) and gallon baggies
-Boys: 1 pack of White Paper and Clorox Wipes
 Donations: Expo Markers

Teachers will send home a supply list for any additional individual classroom needs at the beginning of the year.