CENTRAL DAVIDSON BAND AWARDS (Scroll Down the Page for More)

The Sandra Everhart Colorguard Award
The Sandra Everhart colorguard award is presented to the most outstanding colorguard member in the Spartan Legion Marching Band.  It is named for Sandra Everhart who used to teach at the middle school.  Sandra had to leave teaching because of a crippling form of arthritis. She was the guard instructor at one time for the high school band.  The award recognizes a student who excels greatly in the marching band's colorguard with spirit, personal dedication, cooperation, growth and enthusiasm.
The Sharon Faulkner Spirit Award
Although in band only a short time, Sharon Faulkner's memory is honored by this award.  She was a vibrant and spirited young woman who died of a brain tumor at the very beginning of her ninth grade year.  The Spartan Legion Marching Band annually honors her memory by having  its student members vote on one or more members (generally seniors but not always) who have been the most spirited and dedicated to the marching band activity.

The National Band Association Awards
Through commitment and dedication to our school band program these students have given inspiration and excellence to others.  Their service to your high school band is commended with honor.  The National Band Association states that "These students are a model to other band students across the country."

The Instrumentalist Magazine Merit Awards
A publication for band and orchestra directors, The Instrumentalists offers two distinct and national awards to recognize outstanding band members.  The Merit Award is presented in recognition of outstanding contributions, leadership, and service to the school music program.

The Instrumentalist Magazine Musicianship Awards
The Musicianship Award offered by The Instrumentalist is a highly coveted award and is presented in recognition of outstanding musicianship and distinguished musical contributions to the school band program. 

Recognition of All-County Band Members
The Davidson County Band Directors Association (consisting of band directors from the Davidson County Schools, Lexington City Schools and Thomasville City Schools) annually sponsor an "All-County" band clinic where students audition in January for a place in one of two high school bands or one middle school band.  Competition is fierce and not all students are selected.  In November students who were selected for participation through audition participate in a day and a half of rehearsal where they see new music for the first time and are conducted by a guest conductor.  They begin rehearsals Thursday night, rehearse on Friday and have a concert on Friday night.  Davidson County has been recognized as having one of the most talented All-County Band groups in the state over recent years.

R ecognition of All-District Band Participants
The State of North Carolina is divided into six different districts to facilitate music activities.  We are a part of the Northwest district which runs from Davidson County north to Surry County and from Surry County west to Ashe and Watauga County, south through Mitchell County and again back east encompassing such counties as Caldwell, Iredell and Davie.  To get the chance to play in an All-District Band, students perform prepared musical rudiments, a solo and read music at sight.  If their score is the highest and within a set number of instruments needed for each section among the over 750 who will audition, they get to participate in the All-District Band Clinic which is held at Appalachian State University in Boone.  This clinic operates very similar to the All-County Band clinic where students come in with a guest conductor, rehearse and prepare music they have seen for a total of two days and present a concert for the public. 

Recognition of All-State Band Participants
Students with the overall top scores from All-District Band may audition for the North Carolina All-State Band, competing with the top students from all across North Carolina.  To be in an All-District or All-State Band is one of the highest honors a high school musician can achieve as it is their own hard work and preparation against that of hundreds of other high school musicians, which elevate them to this prestigious honor.
Recognition of Western Regional Orchestra Participants
The orchestra section of the North Carolina Music Educators Association sponsors honors clinics for talented string, wind and percussion instrumentalists.  While we do not have an orchestra at Central Davidson we want to afford our students exposure to this medium of performance by encouraging them to audition for a place in the Western Region Orchestra. 

R ecognition of North Carolina All-State Honors Orchestra Participants
A committee of the North Carolina Music Educators Association Orchestra Section selects the "best of the best" from the Regional Orchestras for the North Carolina Honors Orchestra which presents a concert annually for the North Carolina Music Educators Conference held in Winston-Salem in November each year. 

Recognition of Students Lettering in Band
All students who have maintained membership in Central Davidson Bands for a total of two full academic years earn a letter in band.

State Festival Performance Ratings/Awards
Our bands will be recognized for their performance ratings at the North Carolina State Band Festival in March.  A band that receives a superior rating also receives individual blue ribbon state medallion awards with the Seal of the North Carolina Bandmasters Association. 

Summer Music Camp Participants
Expanding their knowledge through summer study, our band program grows and thrives through students who go this extra mile to learn and advance.  When funding is available the Central Davidson Band Boosters have long support our students who attend summer music camps with valuable scholarship assistance.  In the last  year the boosters have been able to generously support students with over $5,000 in scholarship assistance. Locally, the Lexington Music Club help to sponsor students financially for these camps. 

Most Improved Awards
The band program at Central Davidson recognizes a most improved woodwind, brass and percussionist as making the most improvement for the school year (from beginning to end) in the Symphonic Band and in the Wind Ensemble.

Best Preparation Awards
A high honor, receiving the best preparation award for the Symphonic Band or the Wind Ensemble signifies that the band member has consistently through the year attended class faithfully, has prepared his music individually, and contributes to the overall growth of the ensemble. 

The David and Janie Sink Band Service Award
The David and Janie Sink Band Service Award was instituted in 1995 by the band council in honor of the contributions of Mr. and Mrs. Sink to the band and to be presented to a student who have demonstrated encouragement and advancement of the band through tireless giving of their personal time, energy, resources and talent.  The recipients may or many not be the first chair or best player but should have given of themselves for the band.  The council felt that with so many awards focusing on musical achievement, some students who work hard to help the band in other ways might not be recognized otherwise.

The Jessie Misenhiemer Memorial Parent Service Award
This award is given to an outstanding band parent who goes beyond the call of duty to help the band program.  It is based on nominees by band students with a final decision being made by the band directors based upon student recommendation.  Jessie Misenhiemer was a most giving and nurturing woman constantly giving of herself to the students and band program at Central Davidson.  Her care, passion and dedication for the needs of the students are to be exhibited in the recipient of the award. 

The Louis Armstrong Jazz Award
The Louis Armstrong Jazz Award is presented in recognition of outstanding achievements in the field of jazz as demonstrated through superior musicianship, character, and individual creativity.  Known as "American's Goodwill Ambassador", Daniel Louis Armstrong was the epitome of jazz as a trumpeter, singer, and improviser.  His imagination and phenomenal skill dazzled audiences worldwide and revolutionized jazz.. 

The Director's Award for Band
Given for the Symphonic Band and the Wind Ensemble, the Director's Award is the premiere award for a band member who represents the height of what a conductor depends upon for musicians in his ensemble.  The recipient is a top quality musician, one who is always prepared, willing to go beyond that which is required and stands out as a premiere musician.  More often than not this winner of this award is an "unsung" hero who's contributions make the team effort of the band even better. 

The C. Robert Clark Musicianship Award
C. Robert Clark was the first band director at Central Davidson High School and led the school band program to its first superior rating in 1963.  First established in 1996, this award is offered to students who have made a significant and marked achievement in their personal musicianship which is reflected not only in their contributions to the band but as individual players in their placements in county and district events.  It recognizes the high spirit of success given to the program by Mr. Clark and characterizes his most humble spirit and approach. 

Recognition of Tri-M Music Honor Society Members and Inductees
The Tri-M Music Honor Society is a program of the Music Educators National Conference, an organization of over 70, 000 music educators nationwide.  Similar to the National Honor Society, the National Beta Club and the National Art Honor Society, the Tri-M Music Honor Society recognizes students who have made significant contributions to the band program while maintaining high academic performance.  Senior members receive a pink honor cord to wear at their graduation ceremony.  Pink is the national academic color signifying music. 

The Arion Foundation Award
The custom of bestowing valuable gifts on outstanding musicians goes back more than 2,000 years to the time of Arion.  Mythology tells us that this semi-legendary poet and musician lived about 625 BC.  He is said to have given literary form to the ancient dithyramb, a song or poem of a wild and exalted nature.  Arion was showered with precious gifts wherever he traveled.  After one particular trip he was returned home on a ship when his treasures aroused the greed of the ship's crew.  The decided to put him to death for his riches.  As a last favor Arion begged to sing a song.  His request was granted and he sang his song while playing his lyre standing on the deck in full minstrel attire.  He then threw himself into the sea but instead of drowning he was miraculously saved by a dolphin charmed by his music. This award is presented to a junior class member for their outstanding achievement. 
The Patrick Gilmore Band Award
Patrick Gilmore was a cornettist in the Sousa band.  He was a most loyal and dedicated bandsman who represented the highest qualities of service.  As a superior musician, Gilmore was one of Sosua's most trusted and talented players.  The Gilmore award is given at Central Davidson to a junior class member as the runner up to the John Phillip Sousa Award. 

The Kevin Firquin Leadership Award
Presented to a student for outstanding and hidden leadership contributions to the Central Davidson High School Band honoring Kevin Firquin, principal of Central Davidson 1997-2007.  Megan Chaney was the first recipient in 2007.  

The Semper Fidelis Musician Award
Presented by the United States Marine Corps, this award is reserved for a senior bandsman who has demonstrated superior performance and service.  When looking for a qualified recipient it is easy to elect a recipient who exemplifies the marine creed, "Semper Fidelis", "Always Faithful." 

The John Phillip Sousa Band Award
The John Phillip Sousa Band Award has been in existence since 1954 and is reserved for the most outstanding senior band student.  It recognizes musicians displaying superior musicianship, leadership, dependability, loyalty, cooperation, and other qualities which the school instrumental music program strives to impart.  This award is the top nationwide prize in the school band field both in prestige and appearance.  It is named in honor of the premiere American bandsman who was elected in 1973 to the Hall of Fame of Great Americans.