2010 Summer Reading Enrichment Guidelines



  • Honors and AP teachers may either select one novel for their students to read during the summer or offer a selection of five to ten novels from AP Suggested Reading lists. These novels will be of high interest, and the Lexile level will be appropriate for independent reading.


  • Students who registered for honors and AP courses will be given the list before the end of the semester. These selections also will be posted on each school's website.


  • Students will be made aware that they will respond to an essay question in class on the second day of school.  


  • Students who have English second semester will be tested after school on the second day of school unless another date is specified by their principal.  They should arrange for transportation and notify any extra-curricular coach or sponsor as soon as they receive their 2010-2011 class schedules.  Some schools may prefer to administer the essay response to spring semester English students during the school day in the cafeteria or media center.  Administrators will make this decision.


  • On the second day of school, students will respond to an essay question about the novel during class without using any notes or the novel.  There will be a different essay question for each class period and for the after school essay session so that no student has an advantage over another.


  • The summer reading enrichment selection(s) will be incorporated into the first lesson plan of the semester. Students may be expected to participate in debates, group discussions, research, literary analysis, objective tests, etc. of the novel(s).