Registration Information

To attend a school within the Davidson County School district, you must live in the geographical boundaries of the school district. The school district does not accept any out-of-district students, even on a tuition basis.

If your child is coming from a home school the following documentation would be very helpful for us to have: final grades(report cards) and any standardized testing.




VERY IMPORTANT!  The registration process MUST BE COMPLETED BY A BIOLOGICAL PARENT OR LEGAL GUARDIAN.  This does not include non-custodial stepparents (to be a custodial stepparent you must go to court to get guardianship rights), grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins or siblings. 

•   Photo ID (driver's license) of parent or legal guardian
•   Certified Copy of Birth Certificate for student
•   Immunization record for student (if you don't have a copy, you must contact the former school to be sure they can provide it upon request from Ledford Middle School)
•   TWO proofs of residency with the parent or legal guardian's name appearing in the address information
    -   Accepted proofs of residency:  power bill, water bill, rental/lease or purchase agreement, copy of mortgage, voter registration, tax listing, postal change verification and vehicle registration card
•   Most recent custody papers (if applicable)
•   All personal information, including emergency phone contacts, healthcare provider, etc.

•   Copy of most recent report card/withdrawal from previous school and Immunizations

•   A copy of any special program paperwork where applicable:
-   AIG - original placement scores:  aptitude and achievement, last report card, last year's EOG  
  -   IEP(Special Eduation) - most recent plan
  -   504 Plan - photocopy of modifications for local review

Please download the attachments below in order to print the required forms needed to enroll

your child. 

Please note that you will have to fill out the newest version of the enrollment form (not availble online yet) and a bus transportation form (if needed) at school when you come to register.