Using Websites in a Classroom Setting

Websites can bring a classroom to life.  There are so many different worlds you can visit.  Of course the Internet also brings you to a lot if information that is not age appropriate for school students so it is important to be safe and smart when you share websites with your students. Below are some tips and rules to follow when using Internet in the classroom. 



  • Have a filter of some sort in place . Filters block unwanted sites and are able to be set to avoid particular sites.  Your district probably already has a filter in place. You should always double check your site to see that it is not already blocked by the filter and also suggest inappropriate sites that should be blocked to your administrator.
  • Plan Ahead - View the site before you share it and plan the way you will share it with your students so there are no surprises when you are instructing.  It is also a good idea to go back to the site right before you have the lesson to make sure no changes have occurred since you planned your lesson.
  • Monitor your students if they are using the sites on classroom computers or in a computer lab to make sure they are still on the proper places on the site and that they are staying on task.


  • Have your school webmaster create a Favorite Sites Page on your school's website that you can request to add links to the sites that you use in the classroom or lab.  Make this page easily accessible on each computer by bookmarking or making it the browser's home page.  This way the teacher or student does not have to take the time to enter a website or the risk of entering it incorrectly and something inappropriate appear.  The user can just click and the site comes up.
  • Or, if your teachers have a Classroom Website of thier own they can use one of thier pages to put thier favorite links.
  • Share the great sites you use with your students parents by either directing them to the school's favorite sites page or to the sites page on the classroom website.



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Presentation of Information on a Keyword Topic

Tag Galaxy
Neat way to gather information on different topics

A Google A Day
Neat way to understand a Search Engine
(Cabarrus County Schools site with SMARTboard activities and resources)
(Activities to use in the computer lab or at computer centers - organized by grade level and topic)

(Great online Graphic Organizers, Timer Tools, Randomizers, etc.)
(The Elementary Zone)

E-Learning Courses
Neat Online Lessons for several Subjects and Topics

BiteSize Activities

English, Science and Math

Singing Whale Studios
(Educational Games)
(learning games, books, quizes, online activities, worksheet generator tools, & ideas by subject)

(addition, subtraction, multiplication, antonyms/synonyms/homophones, speech types, verbs)

Owl & Mouse Educational Software  
(free downloads--reading help, map puzzles, phonics, learning letter etc.)

(a variety or games for all subjects)

 Kid Info  
(homework & student/parent/teacher resources)

*Short online movies to teach kids about various topics (ex. Plant life cycle, nonfiction text, measurement) with games & other activities to do after watching a movie clip (word wall, write about it, etc.)
*This is a paid site but it has some topics for free
(original site---designed for older kids)
*This is a paid site but it has some topics for free (ex. Homonyms,Synonyms,Anytonyms or nouns or multiplication) 

(websites that teach --created by kids)


ETC Interactive Whiteboard Activities

SqoolTube Educational Videos

WatchKnow Videos
Lots of Educational Videos

Mr. Nussbaum

Copacabana Public School -Get Smart-Interactive Activities

PhET Internet Simulations



Websites for Younger Kids (Back to Top)
*You count the fish and click the correct number on a shell
**It helps the kid recount if they're wrong

Online Clock activity
*telling time to the nearest 5 minutes
*uses to ladybugs to teach about odd & even

Online Shape Storybook
*Sammy the snake teaches/reviews shapes
*Numbers & Time
*Basic Number Concepts
*Word Games


Math (Back to Top)  

Sites wth Interactive Games
Great for Insruction or Skills with the SmartBoard

SchoolCenter Picture Create a graph
Use simple to follow templates to create many different kinds of graphs

games for basic number concepts

Bite Size Shapes

Fun Game to learn about Shapes

Math PlayGround Algebra

Cool Game for Algebra

Mission 2011
Converting Fractions to Decimals

 SchoolCenter Picture Woodlands Maths Zone - Interactive maths
Lots of Great Interactive Math Activities

 SchoolCenter Picture Decimal Detectives
Fun, Challenging Game for Decimals

Oswego City School District Online Math Games

Create your own interactive games or play ones that are already created
Soft Skills
Large Collections of Interactive Learning Activities
Neat Interactive Math Games

Fun Electronic Etch-A-Sketch

SchoolCenter Picture IXL Math
Neat Quiz Type Activities - Requires an Account for Extensive Use

 SchoolCenter Picture Kids Numbers
Fun Number Games

Cute Math Activities

Math Playground
Lots of Good Activities for Math Topics

The Table Trees 
Multiplication tables practice-practice each fact family

 SchoolCenter Picture Lure of the Labyrinth
Neat Game for Math Skills - Requires you to Create a Free Account

Subtraction Racing
Neat Game for Subtraction Drill and Practice

Multiplication Math-O
Multiplication Bingo

Basketball Math Interactive
Fun Idea for Math Skill Practice

Math Baseball
Fun Idea for Math Skill Practice

Sites with Manipulatives, Tools or Simulators

SchoolCenter Picture Glencoe-Virtual Manipulative
Simple to use Online Virtual Manipulatives for Many Math Topics

SchoolCenter Picture GeoGebra
Neat Downloadable Manupulative for Geometry Skills

SchoolCenter Picture Math - PhET Simulations
Loads of Really Neat Simulators ona Variety of Concepts

Interactive Math
interactive math activities 3-8

Venn Diagram
Interactive Venn Diagram

By grade level & math topic

Free Brainingcamp Math Activities
Online Math Simulators for Various Math Topics


Sites with Lessons, Quizzes, Resources or Videos

Site for Telling Time

SchoolCenter Picture StudyJams
Lots of neat Lessons, Videos and Resources

Skoool Tools
Cool Science and Math Lessons
SchoolCenter Picture Khan Academy
Loads of Videos for Math Topics

Ten Mark
Online Lessons for Math

 More Math Activities
Great Resources from TeacherLed.com

SchoolCenter Picture Census Data
Download Census Data for Math/Spreadsheet Activities

SchoolCenter Picture MathCats
Fun Resources for Math Topics

Lessons and Math Practice

Lots of Resources for Math Topics
Math Glossary
Near Interactive Math Glossary
 Lessons & ideas, activities, resources, worksheets,games
SchoolCenter PictureCool Math
Lots of Fun Resources for Math

SchoolCenter Picture Carrot Sticks
Online Math Games with Teacher Organization
Has a Free Basic Version - Requires an Account

Games, manipulatives, short videos

SchoolCenter PictureMathEbooks.net 
Sample problems to solve online & clickable pdfs to download
*More Info.--http://blog.learningtoday.com/blog/bid/27919/Practice-Makes-Perfect-Math-Resources 

SchoolCenter Picture WatchKnow Math Videos
Large Collection of Videos on Various Math Topics  

SchoolCenter Picture That Quiz - Math Test Activities
Online Quizzes for Various Topics



Reading/Writing (Back to Top)
(learn to read- phonics stories & activities, books read to you, downloads & reading materials to order cheaply)
Neat Interactive Literacy Games
(phonics and site word games, posters, spelling strategies) 

(Word Games)

Between the Lions

stories, games & fun places to visit

My Fake Wall

Lets the kids create an story or informational page that looks like a FaceBook Page
Similar to My Fake Wall - Write a report that looks like a FaceBook Page
Interactive Tools

(online templates for graphic organizers,trading cards, biocubes, book covers, etc.)
Great for Sketch to Stretch on the Interactive Board


Create Simple Animations with your Writing

Earobics Game Goo
Neat Interactive Words Games

Jog Lab
Neat Mnemonics for Making Acrostic and other poems

Kerpoof- Make a storybook
*more info.--http://blog.learningtoday.com/blog/bid/27819/Make-a-Storybook-Student-Storytelling-Tool

Dr. Seuss Story Maker
*more info.-- 

create 3D pop-up storybooks
*more info. ---http://cyber-kap.blogspot.com/2010/05/zooburst.html

Scholastic-Character Scrapbook 
*more info.-- 

*classroom edition info. 
Publish children's books online 

Big Universe- Children's Books Online 
(can't print stories the kids create without the payed account---but you can share them for others to come on the site and read)

Wacky Web Tales 
(similar to Mad-Libs)

 TYPEDRAWiNG | created by storyabout.net 

Vocabulary Games & Resources

Arthur Comic Creator

Ineractive Tools - Web 2.0

Wall Wisher
online place to share and organize thoughts
create word cloud cluster & customize the shape they show up in ex. a word cloud about Obama facts in the shape of Obama's face
group conversations around images, documents, & videos
make a digital picture talk
*more info- http://teachweb2.wikispaces.com/Blabberize 
online journaling
brainstorming online
online collaborative document


Online Books & Poems

(books to read online -some books have click to listen available / some coloring pages, puzzles and games also available)
We Give Books
Classics and Others to Read Aloud

(books are read to the kids by actors/actresses from the Screen Actors Guild…has activity ideas and downloadable activity guide)
(on-line Fiction stories)

Big Universe- Children's Books Online

(can't print stories the kids create without the payed account---but you can share them for others to come on the site and read)

Mrs. P's Library
download free audiobooks
download digital stories & poems (MP3s)

Lesson Resources

*Activities to go along with the most recent book

Wikis, Blogs, Docs Chart
Lots of good info on Selecting which to use with Students


Cool Game for Bibliography
Online examples, practice, tutorials, & printables
Teaching Reading Comprehension Strategies
Grammar/ Spelling

Spelling Bee

Interactives for Spelling

Phonics/Word Work

(interactive storybooks and games for phonics practice)

(Phonics-spelling patterns, consonant clusters, high frequency words, etc.)

(some words have links to more info. or activities for the word--also has dictionary searches for grades 3-8 by subject) 

(type in your bibliography information and it formats it for you) 



Science  (Back to Top)
Sites with Interactive Games

SchoolCenter Picture  Lawrence Hall of Science
Neat Activities and Games

SchoolCenter Picture  Internet 4 Classrooms
Loads of Interactive Games for Science Topics

Simple Machines Game
Neat Activites for Learning Simple Machines

Simple Machines Game
From Brain Pop

Succeding with Science
Cute Game for States of Matter

Game for Science
Cool Interactive Game for Science Topics

SchoolCenter Picture  Science Clips
Fun Science Activities

SchoolCenter Picture Finger Physics Game
Really Neat Game for understanding Physical Properties

SchoolCenter Picture KS3 BiteSize Lessons
More Fun Science Activities

SchoolCenter Picture  Woodlands Science Games
Cute Games categorized by Topic

Cool Games for Science

Singing Whale
Neat Interactive Games

SchoolCenter Picture  iBoard
Lots of Neat Interactive Activities

Computer Lab Favorites

Games, Activities, Lessons and Videos for Science Concepts

Freezeray Science Investigations
Quick Activities on Science Topics

4H Children's Garden
Neat Science Activities

Minnesota Zoo

Cool Animal Games
Elephant Odyssey
Web Rangers
Neat Activities from the National Park Service

Dress for the Seasons
Sesame Street
Dress Elmo
Dress Zoe
Dress the Bear

 Sites with Manipulatives, Tools or Simulators

SchoolCenter Picture  Hurricane Wind Scale
Shows Effect of Different Hurricane Catgories

SchoolCenter Picture  Virtual EarthQuake
Study all the Factors of an Earthquake and Setup a Warning System

SchoolCenter Picture Google Body Browser
Detailed Look at Body Functions - Muscles, Organs, Skeletal, Etc.

SchoolCenter Picture WorldWide Telescope
A Neat Closeup View of The stuff in the Sky

SchoolCenter Picture  Into the Tornado
Tornado Simulator
need this plugin installed-- http://unity3d.com/webplayer/

SchoolCenter Picture Tsunami's Wrath
Before and After Images of the Tsunami in Japan

Weather Spark
Neat Interactive Weather Tool

Blood Typing
Cool Activity to Learn about Blood Types

We Chose the Moon
Close Look at the Moon Landing

Owl Pellet Dissection
Join in on the Dissection

NASA's Pic of the Day
Neat Sattelite Pics of the Earth each day

Free download--space simulation

NOAA Weather Map
Weather and other Info for Airports and other areas in the Nation

Human Touch of Chemistry
Neat info and Activities about Chemistry

Mostly Math Simulators but some topics are used with Science

Mr. Nussbaum
Neat Collection of useful Sites and Tools

Comparing the Oil Spill
Neat Google Simulator to Study the Oil Spill
Make sure you have the latest Google Earth Plug-in Installed

Flashcard Exchange
Neat site for prepping Study Materials

Sites with Lessons or Videos

SchoolCenter Picture  StudyJams
Videos, Games and Activities for several Science Topics

Skoool Tools
Cool Science and Math Lessons

SchoolCenter Picture Qwiki
Research Tool with Information on Any Topic

Games, Activities, Lessons and Videos for Science Concepts

SchoolCenter Picture Science House
Lots of Videos of Science Experiments

SchoolCenter Picture Watch Know Science Videos
Lots of Videos on a Variety of Science Topics

NASA eClips

Lots of Neat Nasa Videos

E-Learning Weather

Neat Online Lesson for Weather

SchoolCenter Picture Science Audio Books
Online Books on Tons of Science Topics
Books open in Adobe 9

Science Wizards
demonstrations & simple experiments

SchoolCenter Picture  Forces and Motion
Plan an Amusement Park

Science-Ask an Expert
Collection of Science Expert to Communicate with

Bill Nye the Science Guy
Information and Lessons on Science Topics

The Museum of Science, Arts, & Human Perception
 *Online Activities

Virtual Science Field Trips

Try Science
Experiments, Field Trips and Adventures in Science

GM Lessons
Google Earth Energy Sources Lesson

Informational Sites and Collections of Sites

The Whiteboard Blog
Top 10 Science Sites for Interactive Boards

Time for Kids- Teachers

Science World
Scientist Biographies

Invention Dimension
American Inventors & their discoveries

Frank Potter's Science Gems
More than 14,000 Science Resources sorted by Category, Subcategory, and Grade Level
Search Query

Science Net
Database of Science Sites for kids


Sites for Projects

Allows students to make Interactive Informational posters


Allows students to collaborate on a project

It’s not Rocket Science
Water Cycle





Social Studies  (Back to Top)

Sites with Interactive Games

SchoolCenter Picture  NatGeo Maps
Neat Map Games

SchoolCenter Picture  Internet 4 Classrooms
Loads of Interactive Games for Science Topics

SchoolCenter Picture  Mission US
Online Role Playing Game about American History

Sites with Manipulatives, Tools or Simulators

SchoolCenter Picture MapCrunch
Random Exploration all over the World

SchoolCenter Picture WorldoMeters
World Statistics in Real Time

SchoolCenter Picture Show Mappings
Great Breakdown of Demographic Information

SchoolCenter Picture World Mapper
Demographic Info and Info on Countries

SchoolCenter Picture  Migration Map
Shows where americans are moving by County

Historic Places
Map with details on Historic Places in North America

Birmingham Museum
Neat Lessons and Info on History Topics

SchoolCenter Picture Our Changing World
Manipulative Map with information on Various Different Factors

Neat Timeline Tool

SchoolCenter Picture Scribble Maps
draw on Google Maps

Learning Machines
Graphic History of Classroom Technology

TeacherLed Maps
Interactive Maps

Our Documents
Collection of Images and Text from Historical Documents

National Archives Experience
Tons of documents from the archives

Sites with Lessons or Videos

game & curriculum about advertising-for 5th/6th grade
SchoolCenter Picture Qwiki
Research Tool with Information on Any Topic  

Reading Like a Historian
Great Lesson Ideas for American History

Web Rangers
Neat Activities from the National Park Service

Teach Kids News
News Articles are worded for younger kids - includes lesson ideas or each article

Kids Past
Games and Online Textbook for History

SchoolCenter Picture Digital Docs in a Box
Digital Documentaries for Social Studies Topics

Loop Scoops
Videos to get you thinking about the stuff in your life

SchoolCenter Picture YoungZine
Great for Current Events

SchoolCenter Picture  DocsTeach
Lesson Info for Social Studies

Office of the Historian
Lots of Documents and Historical Info

Careers for Kids
Good information on Community Helpers

Informational Sites and Collections of Sites

SchoolCenter Picture Country Reports
Information and Games on all the Countries

SchoolCenter Picture AtoZ the USA
Collection of Information on the USA and the States
You will need your LIbrary Card for an account

SchoolCenter Picture Native American Image Bank
Copyright Free Images





Music  (Back to Top)

Art  (Back to Top)


A Closer look at the Italian Artists - Click on the British Flag for English

Fun Electronic Etch-A-Sketch