Reading Strategies are tools that we use to help us understand what we read.  For example, we might use VIP's to help figure out the author's message in a piece we are reading.  We might use an alpha-box to help generate descriptive words for a character or setting.
Two-Word Strategy
Pick two important words, (one from the text and one from your head).  Tell why you chose those words.  Use them to summarize the story or point out important ideas.
I Remember
Pause frequently to share with your partner as you are reading the text.
Say Something
Have a reaction! Turn to your partner and say something about what you read in the text.
"That was cool!"
"That was so scary!"
"That was so funny when..."
Very Important Points, (you can use sticky notes/strips to mark important ideas when you are reading).
aKey words are "important" words from your reading.  Like VIP's you can use sticky notes/strips to mark them while you're reading.  Use key words to help remember important facts and ideas from your reading.   
Read, Cover, Remember, Retell
Read a little of your text, pause and cover what you just read.  Take a moment to remember what you just read and retell it to help you remember it!
An alpha-box lets categorize important ideas, words, or phrases alphabetically by using an alphabetized grid to write down your information.

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