Classroom Management System    
Positive Reinforcement  
During the day, I award stickers to students for showing good behavior, effort, manners, and work habits.  Stickers are placed on individual charts which the students keep in pockets at their desks.  For every ten stickers, the student earns a coupon.  Coupons can be redeemed for the following privileges:

1 coupon:

~Pick an item from the prize box

2 coupons (choose ONE):

~ Pick a student from a different class to eat lunch with

~ Be the “Room Runner” for a day

3 coupons (choose ONE):

~ Trade 20 minutes of SSR for computer time

~ Trade 20 minutes of writing for computer time

~ Eat lunch in the room with the teacher

 4 coupons (choose ONE):

~ One Homework Pass

~ Trade desks with the teacher for the day

5 coupons (choose ONE):

~ Choose a place for the class to eat lunch

At the end of each 9 weeks, each sticker a student has earned counts as one point.  They will use these points to "buy" prizes in a classroom auction.

Paper Clip Chain The Paper Clip Chain rewards the class as a whole.  When the entire class is working well, following directions, etc., I will add a paper clip to a small chain of clips hanging on the side of the whiteboard.  The better the class behaves, the more paper clips it earns.  When the chain stretches all the way to the bottom of the whiteboard, the class earns an extra recess.
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Quiet Seat Every day, I secretly select a student to be the Quiet Seat.  At the end of the day, if the student has been well-behaved and hard-working, I reveal the Quiet Seat and reward him or her with a small treat.  If, on the other hand, the Quiet Seat did not follow the classroom rules during the day, a treat is not earned and his or her name is kept a secret. SchoolCenter Picture