Curriculum Integration

We have developed several pages to help you integrate technology resources into your curriculum.  They are categorized into the links below.  

Many of the sites in the pages linked below are great for using with interactive tools like the Data Projector, Document Camera, and Interactive Whiteboard.

Feel free to ask your ITF if you have any questions or need any help with any of the resources below.


Technology and Literacy

Tons of resources, ideas and websites to help enhance teaching reading with the Comprehensive Literacy Strategies

Technology and Writing

Great resources and ideas for integrating technology with writing.  Help with ideas on brainstroming, planning and executing writing.

Technology and Math

Great information for integrating technology with the Math curriculum.  Ideas for using the new Kidspiration and lots of websites are included.

Technology Integration in the Elementary Classroom

Lots of great sites and resources for using technology with the tools in your classroom.  Resources are categorized by subject.