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How To Support Writing At Home:

-  Help your child find a "sweet spot" that is his/her special place for writing with little distractions

-  Equip your child's writing spot with tools (paper, pens, markers, pencils)

-  Leave "literary gifts" for your child in the child's writing spot (newspaper clippings, magazine articles, cards)

-  Read to your child daily noticing what good writers do (strong beginning, vivid verbs, precise vocabulary, descriptive language)

-  Encourage your child to notice writing in the real world

-  Have relatives and friends write to your child 

-  Play word games to build vocabulary (Boggle, Scrabble Junior, Word Concentration)

-  Subsribe to children's magazines (Highlights, Ranger Rick) and have your child point out favorite articles

-  Talk to your child about childhood memories and have them retell memories

-  Listen to your child's retellings and say often, "That would make a great story" or "Your should write about that"

-  Leave notes for your child in his/her bookbag, around the house, etc.

-  Discuss your favorite authors

-  Encourage your child to take their Writer's Notebook on trips to record what they see and do

-  Include your child in everyday writing (grocery list, phone messages, to-do-list)

This resource is a list of online reading resources for families to use to help students improve their reading skills.

Please send additional sites that you may find so that we can continue to improve this site. Email the web address to,, or .

North Carolina Standard Course of Study for English Language Arts

School-home links -

Literacy Connections - a wealth of information on reading, teaching and tutoring techniques, ESL literacy, and adult literacy

www.starfall.comThe Starfall reading program is designed specifically for the emergent reader. It makes use of interactive books and rhyming word family games that teach phonemic awareness, comprehension, vocabulary building and spelling skills. You are welcome to use the on-line Starfall program in your school for free! You may also order PRINTED materials that coordinate with the website.

Grammar Gorilla An interactive game that helps students identify parts of speech.

Jupiter Jane's Games This site has many colorful, animated, interactive, and fun games dealing with the parts of speech. It is divided into two levels K-2 and 3-5.

Wacky Web Tales : Education Place. Students are able to use parts of speech to create stories for enjoyment. This site is similar to MadLibs.

PBS Between the Lions This site provides many games for the children to play on to work toward word fluency. The game is not in a story format, but it does work on how fluently the child can read the words in isolation.

PBS Arthur's Scrambled Stories The child or the computer can read the text and place the parts in correct order. When the activity is complete the computer reads the story with fluency.

Children created Storybooks Online

BookPops : Web-enhanced Reading Stories - Virtual Literature by Stephen Cosgrove

Student News
Student News Net

CNN Student News

The New York Times Learning Network

Scholastic News for Kids (elementary ages)

Time for Kids

Web-Pop offers online books and audio stories

Light Up Your Brain

Classic Fairy Tales (and some new ones)

Room 108 - Kids Stories These stories are created, illustrated and animated by students. They are really cute.

Road to Reading

Word Central Merriam-Webster's Word Central offers kids a student dictionary, Daily Buzzword, and interactive word games. It offers interactive word games in addition to a student dictionary and Daily Buzzword feature.

Reading Rockets - Info and more