These are a few of the literacy strategies that we will be sharing with our students.

"I Remember" - As your child reads, he or she should pause frequently for partner talk. Several mini retells should occur through the text. Have your child stop often and discuss what he or she has just read. These talks do not need to include the entire selection, only the small chunk he or she just completed.

"Say Something" - The reader makes a connection, extension, thinks about what he or she has read, then has a reaction. After reading short sections, he or she will think about what was just read, turn to a partner and ask..."What would you say if I told you....?" This allows the reader's understanding of the text to move to an entirely new, higher level.

"The Important Box" - The reader should focus on an important idea in a topic sentence. He or she needs to add details and restate the main idea in his or her own words.

"Key Word" - The reader will select a few words from the text and jot the words down on post-it sheets. The words are then used to summarize the text and answer any questions asked of the reader.

"Sketch to Stretch" - the reader is asked to draw pictorial representations of what he or she is reading as it's read to aid in comprehension. This is helpful especially for sequential information as it concretely shows the reader's understanding of the steps involved or the timing of events.

"2-word"- the reader selects two words that can be used to summarize the main idea of the text that has been read.

"Read, Cover, Remember, Retell"- the reader stops after reading a few paragraphs and covers up the text. After covering the reader writes down all of the details that they can remember within the text.