Classroom Behavior

Each of us has rights. However, remember that your rights should never
interfere with someone else's rights, especially their right to learn.

Definition of discipline: Training that enables students to make appropriate choices in a climate of warmth and support, always beginning with clear, concise limits and with follow-up consequences.

Each class will follow the "Five Star" discipline plan. Students will start each day with five stars and are expected to follow the school rules listed below.
1.   Students will keep their hands, feet and objects to themselves.
2.   Students will treat with respect all teachers, staff members, other students, and property.
3.   Students will be prepared for class.
4.   Students will listen and follow directions.
5.   Students will use appropriate language.
6.   Students will walk inside the school building.
7.   Students will refrain from talking in the halls and the lunch serving line.
8.   Students will get an adult's help if they have a problem.

"Five Star" Discipline Plan

A star will be removed from a student if they choose not to follow a school rule.  The consequences for losing stars each day are listed below:
Drop to four stars: . Warning from teacher
Drop to three stars:. Silent lunch
Drop to two stars: ... Alternative P.E. activity
Drop to one star:....... Notify parents and alternate classroom
All stars are lost:...... Office referral

Students may earn a star back for improved behavior.  Parents will be notified on a daily basis how many stars their child received during the day.