School Improvement Plan
Please read the Northwest Elementary School Improvement Plan. We are always interested in your comments.

The School Improvement Plan is written by the team members with opportunities for all staff to comment and add suggestions. This group meets the first Wednesday of each month. Every year members are nominated and voted onto the team. This year's election was held on May 29, 2013. The following people were elected:

Marivee Miles, Principal
Tracey Woychik, Assistant Principal
Judith Bonney, Second Grade, chairperson
Kris Turner, First Grade, secretary
Diane Decker, Kindergarten
Mark Allen, Third Grade
Jennifer Hill, Fourth Grade
Amanda Moring, Fifth Grade
Mariah Mitchell, Guidance
Jamielle Orrell, Enrichment
Suzanne Niver, Media
Jan Wall, Speech
Katelyn Stanton, AIG
Sheila Clontz, Teacher Assistant
Lori Norris, Teacher Assistant
Karen Hill, parent representative