Brown Middle School
Pyramid Response to Intervention

  Tier 3 Intensive Program
Contract/Goal Setting
Intense Preparation for EOG Retest
Summer Academy


Tier 2 Supplemental Program
Fall/Spring At-risk Conferences (PEP)
Individualized Educational Plan
Peer Tutoring

Tier 1 Core Program
Tutorial Services
(Bruin Time/Saturday School/After School)
(Counselors, Administrators Reaching Everyone)
Progress Reports
(at least once per nine weeks)
Common Assessments
(in all core content areas)
Weekly Content Planning Sessions

Universal Screening

6th Grade Transition Day

Pre-assessment or previous EOG scores for all classes


Monitoring:  At each grade level, there is an Intervention Team composed of Administrators, Counselors, School Social Worker, and/or Classroom Teachers.


Criteria: At each grade level, there are attendance reports, EOG scores, progress reports, nine weeks grades, student agenda, phone messenger, school website, newsletters, and Intervention Team referrals.