Study Tips

Use the following tips to help you study for quizzes and exams.


(1) Don't put off studying until the last minute.

(2) Plan ahead and write down a study schedule so you know what you need to study and when you need to study it.

(3) Highlight your notes and go through your notes for each class.  Mark important items that your teacher wants you to know.

(4) Find a study group which is focused on studying. 

(5) Take a Breather.  Clearing your head will help make you ready to continue studying.

(6)  Eat well, try to eat "brain foods" high in protein like nuts, fruit, and fish.

(7) Get your rest.  A lack of sleep can cloud your judgement or increase your number of mistakes.

(8)  Come prepared having two pens and pre-sharpened pencils.