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Data Notebooks

We will be using data notebooks this year to keep up with weekly work, tests, and progress reports. These will be sent home once a week. Please be sure to go over your child’s work with them each week and sign the signature page in the front of the notebook. Please leave all work in the notebook. Progress reports will be sent home in the middle of each grading period. Periodically on Fridays your child will be writing a letter to you discussing what we have done in class for the week. Feel free to respond to the letter in the data notebook. Students love it when parents write back!


  Homework will consist of reading 20 minutes per day, 4 times a week. Math practice and studying for tests will also be included. I will not be sending home a reading log this year. Please have your child write the name of the book on the top of that day column in the agenda. Your signature is also required for proof of student reading. I will be giving a grade for this agenda-reading log once a month. I will not accept any reading done without a signature. Homework that is not done or turned in late for any reason other than absence will not be accepted. I will occasionally take homework as a completion grade so please make sure your child completes their homework every night.


In my classroom I expect students to be respectful, follow directions, and complete all homework assignments. A “Think Sheet” will be sent home if there is a problem that does not stop after a warning. These will also be given for missing homework. Students must fill out the think sheet to explain what happened and the choice they should have made instead. Please sign and return to school the next day. Phone calls will need to be made for unreturned sheets.

  This year we will be using “tickets” for positive reinforcement. Students will receive a “ticket” at the end of each day unless they received a “Think Sheet.” Tickets will also be awarded during special occasions. Students will collect these “tickets” until the end of each month, cashing them in for a reward coupon.


  Communication is very important to me and necessary for a successful school year. The agenda is our easiest way of communicating. Please make sure your child completes assignments listed in the agenda and that you sign daily. Extra “tickets” will be given occasionally for agendas being signed every night. Please feel free to contact me by email at or reach me by phone at 764-0360 until 3:20. If you leave a message, I will be sure to get back to you as soon as possible. Email is the fastest way to communicate with me!

    Looking forward to a wonderful year!