South Davidson High School Exam Schedule & Information

***Please visit the school website for updates if the chance of inclement weather threatens to alter the exam schedule.


The Fall 2012 Exam Schedule is a pdf attachment listed at the bottom of the page.



 General Policy Informationfor All Exams

· Exams must be taken on the assigned day, andstudents must remain in the exam session for the entire period.

· Students must take an exam in each course unlessthey have earned an exemption.

· Each exam counts 25% of a student’s semester gradefor each course; failure to be present for an exam, unless exempt, will resultin a zero (0) being assigned for the exam grade and averaged in the semestergrade.

· If a student is going to miss an exam due toemergency, the parent must notify the principal immediately to explain thesituation.  If the principal agrees thatthe situation is an emergency, a plan will be agreed upon by the principal andthe parent for making up the exam.

· If a student is exempt from an exam and does notattend school that morning, he/she may attend any review sessions offered thatafternoon.  The student will be counted absent for that exam day.  Students who are working on perfectattendance must attend school on all exam days in order to maintain perfectattendance. 


Specific Policy Information for EOC Exams

· If a student does not pass the state EOC (end ofcourse) exam in Algebra I, English I, Biology, Physical Science, US History,Civics, and/or Algebra II, he/she will notified by the teacher on the eveningof the exam day. 

· These students are required to attend aremediation session on Tuesday, January 18th and a retest onWednesday, January 19th. The schedule for both of these days will be 8:30 to 12:00.  Breaks will be provided during this time butneither breakfast nor lunch will be served. 

· A student who must take a retest for an EOC canattend any review sessions offered after the exam periods on January 11-14, aswell as attend the remediation session on Tuesday, January 18th.   

· The exam grade shown on the report card willbe the higher of the two tests.  Thestudent has the opportunity to improve his/her final average by making a bettergrade on the retest.  Depending on thegrade earned on the retest, the new exam grade could actually help the studentearn credit for a course. 

· Remember that to earn credit in a course with anEOC, the following must be met: 

· The student must have a final average of atleast 70. 

· The student must meet the attendance requirementset by the Davidson County Board of Education (no more than 8 absences percourse). 

· The EOC exam score must be at least a 70. 

 Only students required to retest are thestudents who did not pass the first EOC. Taking a retest for the purpose of raising your final average is notallowed.


Exam Exemption Information

·  Exemption cannot be applied to any course withan EOC, VoCATS, online or college exam. 

·  To be eligible for exam exemption, the followingrequirements must be met:

· A average, no more than 4 absences

· B average, no more than 3 absences

· C average, no more than 2 absences

· D average, no more than 1 absence

·  Seniors may exempt all exams which meetexemption criterion, while non-seniors may exempt only one exam per semester.

·  Class periods waived or made up will not reduceclass absences for the purpose of this policy; actual absences will beconsidered for this policy.

·  If a student elects to take an exam rather thanexempt it, the grade will count as 25% of their semester grade.

·  Students who are exempting an exam do not attendschool on that particular exam day.

·  Once a student declares a specific exam toexempt, that student must remain eligible for the exemption based on the gradeand attendance criteria.  If the studentbecomes ineligible after the declaration, he/she must be present to take theexam at the regularly scheduled time. After declaring an exam for exemption, no changes will be allowed.


Other Important Information

· Teachers will not give out exam grades over thephone, so please do not call the school in the afternoon after the exams to askfor a grade.

· For students taking an EOC, please make sure theteacher has a working telephone number in the event that a retest is requiredon January 19th.

· The dismissal time for high school studentsJanuary 11-14 is 11:30 for student drivers and car riders and 12:00 for busriders.  Please make sure that yourstudent knows how he/she will get home from school on those dates.  Students who leave campus at 11:30 willnot be allowed to return at 12:00 noon and board buses.



***Pleasevisit the school website for updates if the chance of inclement weatherthreatens to alter the exam schedule.