Graduation Project Information for Students

The Graduation Project is a requirement for graduation from any high school in Davidson County Schools. This project is to be completed within a student's English IV class with instruction and guidance from their English IV teacher, Graduation Project Coordinator, academic advisor, and mentor.

Each of the four components (research paper/annotated bibliography, product, portfolio, and presentation) is graded by the student's English IV teacher, or school faculty, and is a part of the student's English IV grade. (For specifics on grading, please refer to the "Decisions" document on the "For Teachers" tab which specifies the grading of products by 3-5 member groups.)

Students must have an average of "70" from all four components to have "successfully completed" the project and thus fulfilled this requirement for graduation.

English IV grade books are to contain the following percentages both nine weeks: 55% Tests, 30% Daily Work/Quizzes, 15% Graduation Project.

Product grades are counted as two test grades in English IV. Presentations (those graded by English IV teachers) and final Portfolio grades are one test grade each in English IV.

The 15% Graduation Project category is to contain research mile markers and Portfolio components the first nine weeks of the semester. The 15% Graduation Project category is to contain the final draft of the Research Paper or Annotated Bibliography the second nine weeks of the semester.

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