What is Title I?

Reading Raiders, formerly known as Title I, is a supplementary reading program. Your child will have daily thirty-minute lessons during which he will read, write, and learn about phonics. The lessons are given in addition to the regular reading instruction your child receives in the classroom.

Each night, your child will bring a "Take-Home Book," which is a copy of a book he/she has already read in school. Your child can read the Take-Home Book to you, an older brother or sister, or other caregiver. If everyone is busy, you can even have your child read to his dog or stuffed animal! The idea is to have him read every night to give him time to practice what he has learned about reading. 

Your child will occasionally be bringing home their writing journal from Reading Raiders. This is where we do our writing about our reading and put examples of our word studies. When these come home with your child, it would be helpful to review past word studies and let your child read some of their writing. Please praise your child's work as they share it with you.

We hope that you will find time to share with your child what he/she has done at school. Remember, if you have to make a choice, it is most important that your child read the Take-Home Book daily. Enjoy your time reading, writing, and talking together!