Current bus information  as of 2PM Friday 8/23/13

  School Bus and Traffic Safety.

As we begin the New Year, it is important we review our traffic patterns to provide access and prevent unsafe issues regarding the arrival and dismissal of students.Please be advised of the following points:

· Maintain an open lane in the middle of the front lot and leave enough space between cars so that cars pulling out of spaces can maneuver.

· Be aware of your position on Jesse Green if having to wait on the road. Two way traffic must still be maintained.

· Our neighbors across the street have asked that cars not block their driveways.

· The entrances/exits by the gymnasiums are for arriving students and buses. We ask parents and others delivering students to drop off in the front of the building to relieve congestion and possibility of accidents.

· When the yellow school buses are on the bus lot, cars may not maneuver through to exit. Any cars parked in handicap areas or along soccer field when buses arrive should remain there until buses are released.

Interested in Driving a School Bus   

If you are interested in drivng a school bus, please see the Davidson County Website @ or contact Mr. Richardson at Ledford High.


Ledford High School along with the middle school recognize the crowded situation on our buses, and we are unable to grant permission for students to ride alternative buses. Students must ride their assigned buses. Students wishing to accompany other students home must make other arrangements. We recognize times when students may for some reason, may need to ride in the morning, (ie staying at a friend's house and will need to be picked up later, the car may have broken down, etc.). The bus driver may not know the student, and as a result, request that a parent bring him/her to school. This is not done as an inconvenience but as a protective measure to insure unknown riders do not come to school. If you know beforehand your student may need to ride a different bus in the morning, please contact Dr. Richardson, the bus coordinator and make arrangements.