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9/09/10 > History Pin

HistoryPin combines maps, images, and historical inquiry to explain the changes in neighborhoods through stories and archival images. HistoryPin invites users to upload images from the modern day in conjunction with images of the same places from yesteryear, allowing the viewer to see the changes of a locale located on an interactive map. Along with the images, users are encouraged to write a "story" behind the picture.

5/11/10 > Admongo

Admongo, an online game from the Federal Trade Commission, takes students on a journey into a virtual tower that's crawling with advertisements. Along the way, the game teaches kids exactly how they're being marketed to, and how to recognize it when it's happening.

2/26/10 > Worldometers

Worldometers is a real-time online ticker that tracks statistics ranging from food consumption, to energy use, to how much people spend on video games.

2/08/10 > Our Documents - 100 Milestone Documents in American History

Our Documents is a completely free-to-use, wonderfully cataloged and explained collection of 100 milestone documents in American history. Documents are provided in both their original format with high-resolution images as well as full transcriptions.

2/08/10 > Science of the Winter Olympics

This site provides a timely look at the science surrounding Olympic events. Find out the reasons behind design differences in ice skates, speed skates and hockey skates. Learn about the feats of aerial physics performed by skiers. And get a scientific explanation of curling, which covers everything from the brooms to what the heck the object of the game is.

12/17/09 > You Are Here

This site, from the Federal Trade Commission, teaches 5th through 8th graders about being smart consumers. Student lessons include information about scames, supply and demand, competition, identity theft, and misleading advertisting.

12/11/09 > Scrub Club

The Scrub Club is designed to teach children how to properly wash their hands to protect themselves against influenza. The site features interactive games, music, and downloadable activities for kids as well as educational materials for teachers.

11/24/09 > iRubric

iRubric is an easy way to create and share rubrics for assignments. You can create a rubric for an assignment in minutes. The interface is fairly intuitive, and made more so by a helpful series of how-to videos posted on the site.

8/27/09 > American Centuries - Memorial Hall Museum

Explore American History with hands-on activities, exhibits, lessons, historic documents and artifacts from the 1700's and 1800's. Students can look at early american tools, clothing, and writing samples. This site is VERY interactive.

8/27/09 > EconEdLink - K12 Economics Lessons

EconEdLink includes lessons for teaching about economics and personal finance for EVERY level. K-2 students can learn about scarcity using Jan Brett's The Mitten. 3-5 students select the things necessary to rebuild a town. Middle and High school students learn about currency conversions on a family vacation. This site truly has something for every age level.

8/27/09 > Census in Schools

This site provides state U.S. Census information "especially for younger students." Click on a state to find data on population (including numbers of 8-12 year-olds), geography, and selected businesses (such as toy stores and amusement parks). Also includes teaching materials, reference material (such as fact sheets about Census 2000 and a history of data collection in the U.S.), and related items.

8/18/09 > Hurricane Wind Scale

This site shows illustrations of the damage that can occur with hurricanes from Category One to Category Five.

8/10/09 > We Choose the Moon - Interactive recreation of Apollo 11

This is a recreation of Apollo 11 from the launch to the moon landing. Pictures, video, and audio files make for a realistic experience.

7/30/09 > Our Courts - 21st Century Civics

Our Courts provides resources for supplementing the curriculum with interactive lesson plans and classroom activities. Students learn about state government, the three branches of government, and checks and balances.

7/28/09 > Kerpoof - creative tools for animation, drawing, and movie creation

Choose from a range of characters and settings or create your own. This is a simple drag and drop site.

7/27/09 > Google Moon

This site allows you to view landing site images and tour the Apollo landing sites.

7/16/09 > - this is a necessity for anyone creating citations

Bibme allows you to enter the ISBN number, title, or author for the book, magazine that you used for research and then it creates the citation for you in MLA, APA, Chicago, or Turabian format. For a magazine, just enter the name of the article and it searches to help locate the exact article for you. Other options include citations for newspapers, websites, journals, film, interviews, lectures, encyclopedias, and photographs.

7/15/09 > - online polls and scheduling

Doodle is a free tool where you can set up an online poll or schedule an event or meeting for a group.

7/15/09 > - real-time collaborative tool

Etherpad is a real-time word processor that allows multiple users to create and edit a document. The site allows you to import a text file from your computer and multiple users can edit it. The file can then be exported back to the desktop with the edits.

7/15/09 > Kids in the House - children and the U.S. House of Representatives

This site is highly interactive. Children can learn about the United States House of Representatives, the Office of the Clerk, and their roles in lawmaking. Also find historical material on important House events, historical figures, and works of art in the House; take a tour of the U.S. Capitol complex, the House chamber, and Statuary Hall; play games; and more.

7/15/09 > The ReDistricting Game - Interactive game about political redistricting

The Redistricting Game' is designed to educate, engage, and empower citizens around the issue of political redistricting. When playing the game, you will learn about redistricting fundamentals, gerrymandering, the Voting Rights Act, and potential reforms.

7/15/09 > Great Turtle Race - Leatherback Turtle Migration

The Great Turtle Race raises public awareness of leatherback turtle migration, plus threats to the creature's survival, through the magic of sports. The site has lots of nifty race stats, such as how many hour-long dives each turtle makes.

7/15/09 > Storyline Online - streaming video storybooks and Reader's Theater scripts

Storyline Online is a program of the Screen Actors Guild, and features streaming video storybooks read by actors such as James Earl Jones, Amanda Bynes, Hector Elizondo and Melissa Gilbert. The books aren't sorted into categories, so you'll need to scroll through the books to find one that catches your eye. But with choices like "The Polar Express" and "Stellaluna", that shouldn't be too hard."