Exciting Improvements at Davis-Townsend:

THANK YOU to our PTO friends who worked on Saturday to help clean up the yard!  A small group worked several hours to trim trees, weed eat, and mow. 

THANK YOU to boosters for mowing our soccer and baseball fields!

We are working with Lowe's Flatbed Distribution Center to reimagine one of our courtyards as well as the front flower beds at school as part of their Lowe's Heroes Project.  We would like to thank staff members Tina Hampton and Jill Hunt (not pictured), parent/Lowes employee Elaine Best (pictured right), and parent/Lowes employee Gerald Church (pictured left) for initiating, designing, and implementing this project!  We will continue to post pictures as we make progress!  Please check back often!




Our makeover began on Friday, August 8! 

Demolition started and our front alcoves were pressure washed. 

Student and school safety is increased because we now have a view of the parking lot.

Replanting will begin next week. 

Lowes plans to include seasonal color and blooming for year round enjoyment.

Benches were donated by Lowes to replace our old ones. 

Fresh flowers are in the planters for Meet the Teacher.

We are thankful to our maintenance staff for new screens across the front of the building.

We have made updates to the lobby area.

We are in contact with a local boy scout troop in hopes to

 have our K-1 courtyard redone later this year.