September 4th (Wednesday): Handout, Week 1: Tuesday's work on long division.

September 5th (Thursday): Handout, Week 1: Thursday and Friday's focus on divisibility rules.

September 6th (Friday) No Homework...Enjoy your Weekend!

September 9th (Monday): Exercises 1-9 on the handout.

September 10th (Tuesday): No Homework

September 11th (Wednesday): Handout, 17-27.

September 12th (Thursday): No Homework. Those who did not complete Wednesday's HW will have a chance to complete it and get full credit if a parent signs the HW page.

September 13th (Friday): No HW

September 16th (Monday): Complete Classwork, p. 18: 34-38; p. 19: 39-44 (Not 41)

September 17th (Tuesday): No HW

September 18th (Wednesday): No HW

September 19th (Thursday): Complete your Multiplication Tables (2's - 12's, each to 12)

September 20th (Friday): No HW...enjoy your weekend!

September 23rd (Monday): Complete page 9 in the Additional Practice and Skills Workbook.

September 24th (Tuesday): Complete the Factor Handout, numbers 10-99.

September 25th (Wednesday):  Complete the odd exercises on page 10 of the Additional Practice and Skills Workbook (except for 17).

September 26th (Thursday): No Homework tonight.

September 27th (Friday): No Homework...have a great weekend!

September 30th (Monday): Teachers Workday. No school for students.

October 1st (Tuesday): No Homework.

October 2nd (Wednesday): No Homework.

October 3rd (Thursday): No Homework.

October 4th (Friday): No Homework. If you did not finish your "Special Number Project" today, you will need to take it home and have it ready to turn in next Friday, Oct. 11th.

October 7th (Monday): Assessment tomorrow.  See the study guide and complete the chart. Explain how you discovered the number.

October 8th (Tuesday): Complete the Product Puzzle and look over the study guide to complete the assessment corrections tomorrow.

October 9th (Wednesday): Complete the Handout except for exercises 8-11. Do not address 8-11 on exercise 12.  Only address 4-7 on exercise 12.

October 10th (Thursday): Complete both sides of the handout.

October 11th (Friday): Have a great weekend!

October 14th (Monday): No Homework....Field Trip tomorrow!

October 15th (Tuesday): No Homework...on the field trip.

October 16th (Wedensday): No Homework....discussed math vs. field trip.  Focus on factors.

October 17th (Thursday): Complete both sides of Factor Tree Worksheet.  For help, see "Math Help" on the menu.

October 18th (Friday): No Homework...have a great weekend!

October 21st (Monday): 1st and 4th Complete the worksheet; 2nd and 3rd Complete the even exercises on the worksheet.

October 22nd (Tuesday): 1st and 4th, all exercises on both sides. 2nd and 3rd do the same except do the even exercises.

October 23rd (Wednesday): 1st and 4th, complete all exercises....2nd and 3rd, do the odd exercises.

October 24th (Thursday): Please look over your study guide.  We will have our 9 week Benchmark tomorrow.

October 25th (Friday): Have a great weekend!

October 28th(Monday): No school today, teacher workday.

October 29th (Tuesday): No Homework....Assessments.

October 30th (Wednesday): No Homework....we are finishing our benchmarks for the 1st nine weeks.

October 31st (Thursday): Pre-Test Benchmark today...No Homework....Be safe and enjoy tonight!

November 1st (Friday): No Homework. Have a great weekend.

November 4th - 8th: No Homework...Our focus is on reviewing the 1st quarter benchmark and preparing for the 2nd quarter.

November 11th (Monday): No school today.  Thank a Veteran!

November 12th (Tuesday): Complete exercises 1-3 on the worksheet.

November 13th (Wednesday): Complete the worksheet from Tuesday (4-10)

November 14th (Thursday): Complete the worksheet (1st and 4th Periods should only do A - C).

November 15th (Friday): No homework....have a great weekend.

November 18th (Monday): Page 19 all (do not do number 6 for 2nd and 3rd Periods).

November 19th (Tuesday): Page 21 in Additional Pracitice workbook, even exercises only.

November 20th (Wednesday): No Homework. Enjoy your evening!

November 21st (Thursday): No Homework

November 22nd (Friday): No Homework....Have a great weekend.

November 25th & 26th: (Mon. - Tues) No HW.....complete extra credit.

November 27th -29th: (Wed -Fri) No School....Happy Thanksgiving!

December 2nd: Use the study guide notes for your quiz tomorrow!

December 3rd (Tuesday): No Homework.

December 4th (Wednesday): Complete the Recipe exercise 1-4.

December 5th (Thursday): 3-8 on the Recipe Side of the worksheet.

December 6th (Friday): have a great weekend!

December 9th (Monday): Look over examples for the quiz retake.  Please make sure you have a recipe for class.

December 10th (Tuesday): Group fraction quiz, also remember to bring a recipe for your project.

December 11th (Wednesday): Complete the quiz and begin working on your project.

December 12th (Thursday): Complete quizzes and corrections and work on recipe project.

December 13th (Friday): No Homework...incomplete recipe projects will come home today and will need to be completed by the 19th.  If your student can turn theirs in early, they will recieve 2 points extra credit.

December 16-18 (Monday - Wednesday): Work on your "Sweets Project."  If you turn yours in before the 19th, you will get 2 points of extra credit.

December 19th (Thursday): "Sweets Project" is due. Please make sure you have this signed. If your project is late, I will deduct  5 points.

December 20th (Friday): Have a safe break.

January 2nd and 3rd: Review and Practice for the Fractions Test scheduled for Tuesday, Jan. 7th.

Jan. 6th (Monday) Complete the Improper Fractions and Mixed number exercises created in class today.  Use your notes to prepare for you Fractions Test tomorrow.

January 7th (Tuesday) Fractions Test today. No HW. Tomorrow we will focus on decimal concepts.

January 8th-9th (Wed. & Thurs.): No HW.  We will focus on decimal numbers.

Jan 10th: No HW.  Happy Friday!

January13th (Monday): Additional Practice Workbook: p. 82 1-6 and p. 86 7-12.

January 14th (Tuesday): Additional Practice Workbook: p. 90 7 - 15 and p. 91 30 - 32.

January 15th (Wednesday): No HW today. Please look over your notes to prepare for your math benchmark tomorrow.

Jan. 16th-17th: We worked on Benchmarks and percents.

Jan. 23rd - 24th: Focus is on Percents.

Jan. 27th (Monday): 3rd Quarter Pre-Benchmark. No HW tonight.

February 10th (Monday): Create a ratio from something at your house.

February 17th (Monday): Working with Ratio and Unit Rates

February 18th (Tuesday): Complete page 492 worksheet: 2nd and 5th periods do the odd exercises.

February 24th (Monday): We are working on ratios and designs.  Students need to complete these worksheets.

February 25th (Tuesday): no hw....we continue with unit rates and ratios.

Feb. 26th - 28th: We are working with real world application to unit rates and ratios.

March 10th - 11th We are working on ratios and proportions.

March 12th: Proportion/Art activity.  Complete your drawing.

March 13th: Thursday....Complete page 58 of your worksheet.

March 14th: Friday....Have a great weekend!!!

March 24-28: We worked on i-ready testing and attempted to review and work with proportions and solving for a variable.

Monday: March 31: Page 59, all exercises.

Tuesday: April 1: 2nd period....rework your homework!  Other classes.....even exercises.

Wednesday: April 2nd.....2nd period....set up all the exercises on the front of the worksheet.  3rd, 4th, and 5th periods will have a test on proportions.

Thursday: April 3rd....2nd period will have a proportions assessment.  We will begin focusing on Integers.

Friday: April 4th: have a great weekend!

April 7th - 8th: Introduction to Integers....No HW!  We had a GREAT day!

April 9th, Wednesday: we played integers games today. No HW.

April 10th, Thursday: Complete the Kangaroo graph.

April 14th, Monday: Focus: coordinate plane (absolute value).

April 15th, Tuesday: continued with coordinate plane and absolute value.  Please review fractions with your student.

April 16th, Wednesday: 3rd and 4th Periods, complete both sides of the worksheet.  2nd and 5th Periods, complete page 90 and the odd exercises on the palm tree side.

April 24th, Thursday: Assessment tomorrow.  Please review your study guide!

April 28th, Monday: 2nd and 5th Periods: page 1 of handout; 3rd and 4th Periods: both sides of handout. Everyone should show the formula used for each.

April 29th, Tuesday: Complete both sides of your worksheet. 1-20.  Use your foldable to help.

April 30th, Wednesday: Create a design using 1 parallelogram, 2 squares, 3 triangles, 4 rectangles and 5 trapezoids.

May 1st, Thursday: Find the area of each shape that makes up your design. We will use these in class tomorrow as an assessment.

May 2nd, Friday: No Homework, Test scheduled for Tuesday of next week.

May 5th, exercises 7-8 and 13-16 on the worksheet.  Test scheduled for tomorrow.

May 6th, focus on 1-5 of Volume worksheet.

May 7th, Front page of handout. 1-12.

May 8th, No homework. Our focus is on Surface Area.

May 12th, page 3 exercises 1-8

May 13th, No HW

May 14th, page 102, exercises 1-12

May 15th, page 4 (1-2) Exercises 2,3,5,6,8,9,11 and 12.

May 16th, page 105, complete for a grade and extra credit.

May 19th, complete 1-6 on the side with the box, also number 6 on the other side.

May 20th, Assessment tomorrow on Properties: Distributive, Associative (+ and x) and Commutative (+ and x). Please use your notes to identify the examples that will be given to you.

May 21st, Look over your Homework tonight.

May 22nd, Solve all exercises on the worksheet, both sides.

May 27th - June 4th: Review your EOG packet that reviews all of the concepts we have covered this year.

May 28th: Handout, page 203, exercises 1 and 2; also look over your EOG Packet.