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What is a counselor?

A counselor is a friendly, helpful person at your child's school.  Your child can talk to the counselor when something is wrong.  He/she can also talk to a counselor if he/she is sad, mad, scared, frustrated, etc.  Some of the things a child can talk to a counselor about are:

  *If parents are fighting, separating or getting a divorce

  *If someone they care about moves away or dies (this includes pets)

  *If the child is upset or fighting with someone else

  *If they are having bad dreams

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Counselors can't make all the bad stuff go away but we are good listeners and will try to give your child the tools he/she needs to make things better.  What your child tells me is confidential, which means I can't tell anyone unless:

* he/she says it is ok to tell 

* a child is being hurt

 *a child is in danger

*a child is hurting themselves or others

 (If a child is being hurt, in danger or hurting themselves or others, then by law, I must get the person in need help). I may not be able to see your child the very second they ask because counselors can get very busy, but I will see your child as quickly as I can.  Of course, emergency situations always have priority.

Other things a counselor may do include:

*PST coordinator 

*TED team member
(response team in the event of a death of a staff member or student enrolled in a Davidson County School )

*Teach class guidance on such topics as respect & responsibility

*Angel Tree coordinator, 504 coordinator

*Maintain student records

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The Counselor at Reeds is Lorre Young


  To email Mrs. Young click on the Light House