Welcome to Central Davidson Middle School!


Central Davidson Middle School is an outstanding school for students to grow and prosper in a safe environment. I want to extend a special welcome to those of you who are first-time middle school parents.  Middle school is a very special time, with tremendous growth for children, socially, intellectually, and physically. Helping your child grow through this period of their lives and become healthy, whole, caring people who know how to use their minds well, is rewarding work. I am delighted to be in partnership with you to help maximize your child's potential. The administration, faculty and staff are dedicated to a quality education for all of our middle school students. Many opportunities are available to help students develop their interest and abilities.


The beginning of every new school year is an exciting time. A tremendous amount of energy goes into this beginning, on the part of all of us--parents, students, faculty, and staff. We all want to start it right, to give students the best possible beginning to help them make it a successful, productive, and happy year. To this end, we will help both new and returning students understand their role in making CDMS a school that is free from bullying as well as a safe and productive environment for everyone. Please help us by reinforcing these expectations at home. With your help, CDMS will continue to be a school community in which every person feels respected, valued, and is encouraged and challenged to achieve at the highest levels.


Our staff will be working this year on a transition to implementation of the Common Core State Standards and NC Essential Standards.  These standards are new and require us to shift away from previous practices.  Our focus this year is to incorporate more academic rigor in our instructional program.  We believe all students can learn. We strive to give each student the opportunity to meet with success all of his/her endeavors at school.



Again, welcome to the new school year at Central Davidson Middle School. We recognize that without your support we will not be able to reach our full potential as a school. So, please do become involved, in whatever way works for you -- whether that be talking with your child about their school experiences and schoolwork, volunteering to help with an activity, serving on a committee, or contacting us to give us your thoughts and ideas.  Communication between home and the school is very important to ensure maximum benefit in your child's educational experience.



CDMS has an “open door” policy.  Please feel free to stop by my office or contact me at any time via phone or e-mail if I can be of assistance.



Deana C. Coley, Principal



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