Español I & II 

Welcome to my classroom.  I love teaching Spanish and look forward to having you in my classroom this year. 

Spanish I teaches students to greet and say goodbye to others, as well as how to tell time and what the date is. Students will also learn how to describe people as well as what their likes and dislikes are. Thematic units include family, home, school, seasons, weather, clothing and food . Learning about which countries actually speak Spanish and their differing cultures is also an important part of our semester.

Spanish II will review lessons taught in Spanish I as well as continue to learn new vocabulary and how to engage in conversation and interpret written and spoken language. Spanish II also involves learning how to conjugate verbs in the past tense as well as using both direct and indirect object pronouns. We will learn how to give both formal and informal commands. Grammar is a very large part of our Spanish II curriculum. A few of the thematic units include daily routines, traveling, and childhood celebrations and memories.  Cultural diversity will remain an important part of our studies as well.

Schedule:  Spring Semester 2014

1st Period (Spanish 2)-8:02-9:32

2nd Period (Planning)-9:39-11:12

3rd Period/Lunch (Spanish 1)-11:19-1:19 

4th Period (Spanish 2)-1:26-2:56


Tutoring on Monday afternoons and other days by request.