Alternative to Suspension Center

Program Schedule

Morning Session:
8:00 - 11:00
(does not operate if school system is delayed)

Afternoon Session:
12:00 - 3:00
(does not operate on early release days)

About the Program

Our program is located in the old Davis-Townsend school building, now Yadkin Valley Regional Career Academy.  The address is 2065 East Holly Grove Rd., Lexington, NC 27292. 

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A brief description of our program is as follows:

  • Work with the students' home schools to provide an alternative to Out of School Suspension (OSS).
  • Provide students that have been either short-term suspended (3 - 10 days) or long-term suspended (for the remainder of a semester or school year) the opportunity to continue their academic tract, begin a new course, or recover credits that were lost at some point during their academic career.
  • Work with the teachers to assign the most appropriate academic work for each individual student to ensure a quality school day will be achieved.
  • Work closely with the Administration, Guidance department and school Social Worker to foster student success.
  • Provide an in-room facilitator, Ms. Keene, to ensure students are meeting the expectations of the program.

Procedure for Attendance
  • Student is assigned to Alternative Suspension Center (ASC) by the student's principal.
  • Student is provided the dates of attendance and which session to attend.
  • Bring a copy of the suspension letter provided by the student's principal.
  • Student will be provided coursework via materials from student's base school's teachers and/or e2020 online coursework.
  • Coursework and/or grades will be returned to the student's teachers daily by Ms. Keene. Students will not be allowed to take work home from ASC.
  • Upon completion of the suspension, students will return to their base school.

Student Responsibilities

  • Parent/Guardian must provide transportation to and from the ASC.  Student parking is provided for student drivers.
  • Students must report on time or they will not be permitted entrance into the ASC room.
  • Students are expected to follow the instructions of the facilitator, Ms. Keene, at all times.
  • The staff of ASC may dismiss a student at any time for failure to comply with the rules and ethics of the program.  Upon dismissal, the student's principal will be notified and the student's suspension will continue out of school.
  • Students will attend all assigned days.
  • Students will work on coursework as directed.
  • Cellphones are not permitted in the ASC room.

For more information, please contact:


Valerie Feezor

Principal Davidson County
High School




 Sonya Keene

Alternative to Suspension
Program Facilitator

Phone: 336.242.1459

Fax: 336.242.1465

Phone: 336.242.1459

Fax: 336.242.5643