Michael L. Foust, Principal


As the school year rolls along, please take a moment to review some very important policies and procedures noted here.  Keep up the good work!

Arrival & Dismissal

Don’t forget that students are expected to be in class by 8:00 AM and are counted tardy to school after 8:05 AM.  If your child plans on eating breakfast at school, please arrive early enough so that he or she can eat his or her breakfast without having to rush.

As parents arrive or depart school with their children, please be reminded to use the crosswalks located in front of the main entrance to the primary building.  On most school days, there will be a member of the Denton Police Department directing traffic.  Please be safe and cross Salisbury Street in the crosswalks.  Also, please keep in mind that our traffic pattern is very specific during arrival and dismissal:  No left turns into the circle drive from Salisbury Street and no left turns from the circle drive exit onto Salisbury Street.

Educational Trips

Please complete a Pre-Approved Trip Form in the office if your child will be traveling during the school year.  Family trips may be approved as lawful, but they count toward the allowed 16 days of absence and are not subject to waiver.